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Avoid Doing These Before Your Workout

Avoid Doing These Before Your Workout


Overzealous about working out at gyms? Working out intensely is not for the faint hearted or fickle minded. Its a serious activity that involves utmost dedication from your end. When you plan to hit a gym & use the fitness equipment there, make sure you have made up your mind to work hard without deviating from your schedule. Enthusiasm is good but too much of it can cause numerous aches. Start slow and increase gradually.

Exercise is purely scientific. Therefore, it must be done keeping in mind the human anatomy. For instance,

hammer exercise done to pump biceps does not particularly provide any desired effect which other exercises do, like bicep curl, etc.

Whatever you do, must have a positive effect on your body else its of no use.

So, here are certain Indian fitness tips that you must follow and refrain from doing certain things before working out.

Excessive cardio

Doing excessive cardio before weight training is useless.

Whats the point of exerting yourself before working out if you’ll get tired and end up using all of your stored up glycogen? Because of too much cardio you will not be able to do weight training properly. Your repetitions will reduce and so will your sets. Clearly your performance will be negatively affected.

Cardio is good for fat loss but not for weight training.

Avoid doing these before your workout

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Don’t stretch too much

Stretching is good for weight training but doing excessive stretching is a bad idea.

It will tighten your muscles & THAT will not help your muscle building goals

which is a major flaw in Indian training. For effective workout your body must be relaxed. Tightening can hinder your muscles and that will increase your chances of injury. You must warm up with light weight fitness equipments instead of stretching too much as it loosens your muscles. Stretching your muscles is an altogether bad idea and must not be performed prior to your workout.

Avoid doing these before your workout

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Don’t eat too much before your workout

Workouts are done on empty stomach not on full. Before a workout you must never eat a heavy meal. Nutrients must be taken post-workout and not before that. A pre workout meal takeb an hour before is ok but not too heavy. You should refrain from eating even if you are hungry.

Stuffing yourself up will only decrease your workout efficiency.

It will reduce comfort an you will not be able to exercise properly.  Post eating we generally feel sleepy which reduces quality of your workout. Weight lifting post-eating is another culprit behind Indian health problems like nausea and fatigue. It even lead to anxiety attacks along with an irregular heart beat.

Avoid doing these before your workout

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Don’t sleep too much

Sleeping before workout is not good for workouts. You can take a power nap but too much sleep will have opposite effects.

It will not relax you, instead it will drain away all the stored energy.

If you workout in the evening or night, you may be already tired after a day’s long work and sleeping for more than 30 minutes will make you even more tired. You will be more drained than you were in the whole day. So don’t sleep too much before your workout session.

Avoid doing any of the above mentioned things and you’ll be able to workout effectively.

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