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Best Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

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Proteins are essential for brain functioning, recovery, workout and overall health. These are also referred to as building blocks of the body. Protein deficiency may cause health problems like muscle pain, sleep trouble or low energy etc. Protein intake can prevent cancer and heart problems. You may know that eggs, meat and other non vegetarian foods are rich in proteins. But there are a number of vegetarian protein sources of food that also provide significant amounts of protein.

Peas: Green peas belong to the legume family and contain high content of protein. Peas can be consumed by preparing different type of dishes. One cup includes 8 grams of protein. Peas contain leucine which boosts metabolism and weight loss.

Nuts: Nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios contains proteins as well as healthy Nuts are also loaded with calories so it is best to have dry roasted or raw nuts for good proteins. Nut butter for example almond and peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Leafy green vegetables: Green leafy vegetables do not have high content of proteins like nuts and legumes but contain essential amino acids. Spinach and broccoli are the best vegetable options to get enough proteins.

Seeds: Seeds are loaded with proteins and healthy fats as well. Seeds contain 5 to 7 grams protein content per quarter cup. Sunflower, sesame, hemp, poppy and pumpkin seeds are great sources of vegetarian protein. These can be eaten as crispy snacks and scattered over rice dishes or salad. Seeds are good appetizers.

Beans: Beans are of different varieties such as black and white beans, heirloom, pinto and kidney beans etc. All type of beans are highly rich in proteins. Black beans are best and healthiest as they contain 8 gram protein per half cup.

Quinoa: One cup of quinoa contains up to 8 grams protein. We can also call it a perfect source of protein because it contains all amino acids which are essential for growth and repair of the body. There are different ways to add up quinoa to your meal like soups, vegetarian chili, breakfast and salad etc. It can be cooked, fried or baked for different recipes.


Chickpeas: It is a great source of protein. Half cup contains 8 grams protein. Chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans. Roasted chickpeas are fabulous crunchy snacks.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is packed with proteins, calcium, vitamin B and magnesium. You can try different tasty oatmeal recipes as per your liking.

Soy milk: Soy milk is stocked with proteins and healthy fats as well. Many studies show that it can prevent cancer and is good to be had in summers. Half cup of soy milk contains 8 gram protein content.  Unflavored and without added sugars soy milk is the healthiest.

Guava: It is a tropical protein rich food. One guava is filled with 5 grams protein along with fiber and vitamin C. It can be consumed as a morning fruit, salad or solo snack.

Amaranth: It is a pseudocereal. Amaranth is a fabulous source of protein i.e. 9 grams per cup. It also contains fiber, manganese, magnesium and iron etc.

Seitan: It is nothing but wheat gluten. 100 gram seitan contains 75 grams protein. It can be a very vital addition to your diet because it can alone fulfill your daily need of protein. It can be used in many dishes. It replaces turkey or chicken for protein intake.

Greek yogurt: It is highly nutritious as it is full of protein content and is low in fat. It can be used as sour cream in any recipe. A cup of Greek yogurt contains 10 grams protein. It is the best source of vegetarian protein. It can be taken with fruits in place of sour cream.

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