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Fitness Story: 24 Year Old Mumbaikar on How He Dropped 30 Kgs Body Fat to Build Lean Muscle Mass


Name: Vicky Jogi
Age: 24
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 77 kgs
Residence: Mumbai
Fitness Achievement: Lost 30 kgs and built muscle mass.    

Vicky Jogi

What made you take up fitness seriously?
I wasn’t very inclined towards fitness and didn’t care when I gained a few pounds. But one day when I stepped on a weighing machine and saw that my weight is over 100 kgs I was shocked and afraid of even looking at myself in the mirror. That day I decided I’ll not stop until I get into shape and would be delighted to watch myself in the mirror.

What keeps you motivated?
Watching my old pictures where I was Fat and thinking that if I stop taking fitness seriously I’d look like this again keeps me motivated all the time. Also, watching motivational videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne Johnson helps to be motivated all the time.

What are the hurdles you faced on course to achieving your fitness goals?
Well there are a lot of hurdles like your body always hits a plateau because of doing the same workout for many days. So I constantly change my workout every month so that I don’t hit plateau and keep getting results.

Who are your role models / Whom do you look up to?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne Johnson

What is your current workout program / What was your workout program while training for your fitness goal?
My current program is for building lean muscle and shredding fat combined. But while training for my fitness goal I followed a rigorous fat shredding program.


What diet did you follow while training?
Breakfast: Oats with 1 banana and 3 boiled egg whites
Lunch: mostly boiled Chicken breast/paneerbhurji with 2 Roti
Snacks : ½ banana and 1 whole egg
Pre-workout: 1 glass black coffee.
Post workout: 1 scoop ON protein shake.
Dinner: 3 egg white bhurji/omlette with 1 roti or boiled chicken breast with 1 roti
Before bed: 1 glass milk with cinnamon and almonds.

What is your favourite workout and your favourite body part to exercise?
My favourite body part to exercise is Arms.

What is your cheat meal?
Pizza or chinese.

What supplements have you used and which ones do you find the best?
I have not used anything except Optimum nutrition whey protein powder.

What are your long term plans in terms of fitness / career in fitness?
I want to do take my fitness journey ahead and intend to do the required certification courses and become a fitness instructor/nutritionist.

What is one fitness advice you would like to give every beginner?
Make sure any exercise that you do should be in the correct form. Don’t do ego lifting in the gym because that will only lead to muscle injuries and joint injuries. Just be consistent in whatever plan you follow. Cheat meals once a week is okay but cheating more can lead to no results. Make sure before following any plan that is it suitable for your body type. For e.g if you have high body fat but you’re following a muscle building program. So be informed on what plan to follow and what will be the effects of the plan.


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