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Footballer Turned Fitness Model Prathamesh Maulingkar Interviews with Fitsaurus

Footballer Turned Fitness Model Prathamesh Maulingkar Interviews with Fitsaurus

Name: Prathamesh Maulingkar
Age: 26
Height: 6’3
Weight: 92kg
Residence: Goa
Achievement: the only footballer in Asia to get featured on the cover of men’s health.

What made you take up fitness seriously?
Since I’ve been a footballer all my life I had to always look after my body. I was skinny when I was young. But I always wanted to put on a few kilos so I could get that extra strength which would help me be a good footballer. So that’s what got me working out everyday.

What keeps you motivated?
The competition in the fitness industry right now!  That’s what keeps me motivated! There are so many fitness models out there with amazing bodies. You can’t rest and not be serious if you want to compete with them. So I take that as my motivation.

What are the hurdles you faced on course to achieving your fitness goals?
Quite a few actually. I was a professional footballer for many years so we used to practice 3 times a day, morning afternoon and evening. Never used to get time to go to the gym. If you did, you didn’t have the energy to workout after 3 heavy sessions. But I made sure I always made Time to get myself to the gym for an hour. So I could pump some weights. Remember! To succeed you always need to be the hardest worker in the room!

Who are your role models / Whom do you look up to?
Always followed Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he’s the most hardest worker amongst all. He’s worked so hard to get to where he is now. A great footballer with an amazing body. Which not everyone can be.

What is your current workout program / What was your workout program while training for your fitness goal?
 My training program has always been the same. I go for football practices in the morning. Where all the stability training and cardio and core workout is done. Evening I go to the gym. My workout is nothing different than to others. Two muscle  groups each day. One major one small. Push ups and pull ups daily. Before and after my workout.

What diet did you follow while training? (please break it down per meal)
To be frank I don’t really think I need a diet. I know my body .. I know how much I gotta work to keep the fat percent I want. I just make sure I don’t eat junk. So no oily stuff which is deep fried and all. No soft drinks no alcohol. No bread no rice everyday.  What I eat is grilled fish and chicken. Lots of eggs. Red meat. Big on veggies. Mashed Potatoes one hour before my evening workout. Avocado after my workout. Paneer. I always mix my meals out. So it doesn’t get hard.

What is your favourite workout and your favourite body part to exercise?
That would be a leg day! Love smashing some heavy squats and those walking lunges. Haha. Best part is the soreness the next day. Best feeling ever lol.

What is your cheat meal?
That would be fish curry rice all day long haha. Big fan of Goan fish curry nice.

What supplements have you used and which ones do you find the best?
Frankly speaking I don’t take any supplements. Never did in my life. Just the food and exercise I do helps me maintain my weight. I never wanna get to bulky and never too skinny.. so I’ve always kept my weight from 90-92 kg . It’s been like 3 years I’ve been maintaining the same weight.


What are your favourite workout songs?
I like listening to trap music. Or hip hop. Gets me in the good mood.

What are your long term plans in terms of fitness / career in fitness?
To keep going on the journey I started. Not to lose focus and stay on the track. I want to be like this till I’m 50. That’s my plan. Keep motivating people to achieve their fitness goals.


What are some diet and workout tips you would like to give our readers?
Always know your body well ! Know what’s good for your body what’s not ! Don’t get carried away a with the distractions. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and junk food will not let you achieve your goals.

Stay focused. Eat right. And always keep modifying your workout. Do the normal workout program with 2 muscle per day, but different exercises everytime. That helps a lot. Don’t have to do heavy weights if you can’t. Just stick to the weight you find is easy to lift. 8-12 reps is all you need. Get good sleep after your workout. Helps you grow!

What is one fitness advice you would like to give every beginner?

Keep a target. Know what your goal is. Plan your workouts accordingly. Remember don’t slow down it you don’t see progress. It’s always slow but it’s worth it!

Are you offering training/nutrition programs? (if applicable, please provide information and contact details for clients to get in touch)

Only if In goa ! I own a gym in goa called Body Crafterz. Provide personal training for selected people. To get in touch you can mail me at prathamesh.maulingkar@gmail.com

Facebook: Prathamesh maulingkar
Instagram: built_not_born_



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