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Why You Must Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Why You Must Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Why You Must Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol and other spirits are really bad for your body and fitness. If you are a health freak or a gym enthusiast then you should probably know the harmful effects of the drink on human body. Not only is it detrimental to health but also a blotch on longevity.

So for knowing how even a random night out can prove harmful to the body, read on:

Your liver doesn’t get along with alcohol:

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I have seen many near and dear ones succumbing to the pressure of life events and seeking the aid of not human intervention but this short term support. These individuals today are suffering from liver related diseases and many have died due to the love of bottle. From seeking medical attention at later stages it’s better to face the problem head on. The moment the liver feels that it has enough, you gain weight due to poor excretion efficiency. If the organ is not detoxified then it will not help you burn weight. It is a common knowledge that alcohol contains sugars and these don’t settle well with your hard work in gym.

Alcohol is an anti-body building option:

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From being a muscle dehydrating source to nullified muscle gains, it plays havoc with your dietary requirements. The muscles and abs that spell your hard work will soon be a passe. Truly alcohol has nothing except for lesser advantages (that too in terms of wine)

Increases dehydration:

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The cells become dehydrated and you lose muscle growth. It becomes harder to build muscle and even worst: sustaining them. The important nutrition body needs is restricted by alcohol consumption. It affects protein synthesis as well. No proteins means lower body repair.

Vitamins are depleted:

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Vitamins bid goodbye to you due to alcohols. This leads to increase in vitamin related deficiency and stress. Prolonged consumption can lower immunity.

That youthfulness will be a history:

More the alcohol, the lower is the skin health. The nutrition and excretion efficiency is reduced leading to negative impact on youthfulness. Result: You appear older than needed. The vitamins and dehydration take toll on the body and ultimately even muscles lose their actual flair. The heart is overburdened and you become the breeding ground for heart attack.

Brain Haze:

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The logical thinking ability is deeply impacted by consumption of the spirits. The communication channels of the brain: neurological pathways get affected. The blissful haze that clouds the brain impacts mental and familial health.

Weaker immune system:

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The immune system becomes weaker and thus the line of defense against the diseases is smashed. This becomes an invitation to harmful diseases like stroke, pneumonia, fibrosis, tuberculosis, cancer, etc.

Weaker digestive system:

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The alcohol plays havoc with digestion and digestive enzymes. The walls of stomach and intestine get affected by repeated usage and weakens the energy production source. You can well understand the condition of the body without powerhouse support. Ulcers, bloating, haemorrhage occur in alcoholics. Impact can also be seen by the lowering of testosterone levels in males. So if you want to embrace fatherhood, say goodbye to alcohol.


Verdict: Bodybuilding, fitness and health don’t go well with alcohol. Thus say goodbye to the spirits and look for alternative forms to solve the big picture.

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