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No Time to Hit the Gym?


No Time to Hit the Gym? Try these Fitness Hacks

The biggest problem people face today is time management, even though 24 hours seems to be sufficient. Everyone says No Time to Hit the Gym, And since we find it difficult to manage our time properly we often procrastinate and make excuses, the most prominent being ‘I dont have time’ or ‘I am busy’. Yes, it is true that some days can be more hectic than others but that should not stop us from exercising on regular days.

Working out is an important part of our life but we do not give any prominence to it. Everyone wishes to stay healthy but none of us wants to workout. We often talk big about fitness but when it comes to actually sweating ourselves out, we start making excuses. So for those of us who do not have time to hit gyms yet want to be fit must try one of these Indian fitness tips.



Don’t have a couple of hours to spare at the gym but still want to stay fit? Then get up early and put on your running shoes. Running or jogging is one of the best ways of exercising. Cardio is good for heart and keeps weight in check.

Run for at least 4-5 kms regularly.

Running not only increases blood circulation but it improves metabolism as well.

Early morning runs are good for health as you get to intake fresh air that is free of pollutants. Run everyday and you’ll find yourself energetic throughout the day.

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Missing your gym’s cardio section? Don’t. Because here is another alternative to gym, that is, cycling. It is also one of best workout techniques, that strengthens every single muscle in our body. Cycling should be done for at least 5 kms, through inclines and declines. It is undoubtedly an effective exercising technique through which you can lose a good amount of calories.

An hour of cycling is equal to two hours of cardio at gym.

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Short workouts

If you cannot spend at least an hour or two at the gym, then you can opt for short workout which comprises of only 30 minutes of exercising.

Short workouts mainly involve cardio and compound exercises like, bench press, squats, lunges, pull-ups etc.

Compound exercises do not concentrate on one single muscle resulting in full body exercise. Short workouts are effective only to a certain extent as many exercises are completely ignored like crunches, triceps etc.


Burpee intervals

Burpee intervals can be termed as a full body exercise, post which you won’t need to do anything else. The exercise is particularly followed by sportsmen like footballers, baseball players, cricketers etc. along with military personnel. 50 burpees are more than sufficient. It not only increases strength but it also burns fat and conditions body muscles. It is more effective than any other exercise you do in cardio, including CrossFit.

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If you are serious about exercising then choose any of the above mentioned exercises to maintain great Indian health and stay fit.

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  1. can we meet whole exercise schedule in just 3 to 4 days of the week as we can get rest and proper protien intake results is that going to help?

    • Yes. A lot of people do that. If you can cover all body parts in 3 to 4 days and give rest at regular intervals, those many days are sufficient. Rest and diet is most important.

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