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Privacy Policy

Fitsaurus considers the protection of user’s personal information as a very important trust building parameter and the website ensures to safeguard its user’s privacy. By using this website, you are providing your consent for the collection, use and retention of your personal information only for professional and legal purposes. None of your personal information is sold or given to third parties. Users may however note that while using this website, your IP address, Domain server information and other required personal information may be automatically stored but very stringent and multiple security measures are in place to safeguard this information. Users may also note that information over the internet passes through various ways and providing 100% security is not possible.

Collecting and Retaining User Information

User information such as email address, contact number and other personal information may be taken for communication purposes or sending newsletters or personalized articles such as diet plans, recipes, workout schedule etc. The user can discontinue from such services by unsubscribing for them. Fitsaurus reserves the right to discontinue service to any user and make changes to existing privacy policy. All images and content on the website are for informational purposes and if you feel any issue with respect to any content on the website, always contact us with your query and our support team will reach you at the earliest. Stories from users and articles from writers are representation of their own personal views and opinions. Fitsaurus is not responsible for any issues arising from these. Our site may have links to other websites and we are not responsible for the privacy policy and terms of such websites.


Fitsaurus is not to be accessed by children less than 13 years of age. If you are below this age, you are prohibited from using this website and are advised to exit the website immediately. However, you may access the website under parental guidance only. We do not have a mechanism to determine your age and it is not possible to know whether you are below the age of 13 or not. Collecting your personal information in this case is not on our control and unknown to us.


We may use cookies for the betterment of your experience and retain your personal settings for the same. You may or may not allow cookies from your browser while accessing our website. We do not provide access of cookies to any third party companies or websites .

Social Media

Our website uses plugins that facilitates our users to comment, like or share any of our posts on their personal profiles on social media. Please note that your personal data from your social media profiles is not stored on our servers and we cannot access it. However, your comments and data may be displayed to other users and we have no control over it.

No Guarantee

Users must understand that 100% privacy is not possible and by using this website you accept the same. Not everything is under our control and we do not guarantee complete privacy to your personal information and data.