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Please read the terms & conditions mentioned in this agreement. By accessing this website, you agree to the terms & conditions of this website. If you do not agree to any of them, you are not permitted to use the website and its contents.


This website and its contents are to be used only for lawful purposes failing which legal actions against the concerned person/ organization may be taken within immediate effect. The contents of this website are created and posted with an intention of creating general awareness about health and fitness in the masses. Fitsaurus tries its level best to create the most up to date and relevant content in the field of health and fitness, however there is no assurance for its complete accuracy and reliability. You are using the articles and other content on the website for your own personal use at your sole discretion. Fitsaurus will not be responsible for any problems arising from use of methods or steps mentioned in the articles. Every article is written from the writer’s personal point of view and Fitsaurus will not be responsible for any issues arising from these. Any article or posts can be changed or amended from time to time and this is solely at the discretion of the website. Fitsaurus also posts content from users, writers, freelancers and third party audience which appear to be the most relevant to our users. We do not endorse all the views and opinions mentioned in such posts and are not responsible for any issues arising from it. Fitsaurus is not a professional health or fitness website and must not be used as a replacement for professional help in terms of health, fitness, diet, advice etc.

On this website you are refrained from doing the following activities, if found doing so, you will be liable for legal action.

  1. Use of unlawful, obscene, pornographic, hateful, defamatory, racial, ethnic or threatening material or language.
  2. Use of any material that may invite legal proceedings, that can lead to criminal or civil offense.
  3. Promotions of any kind such as self, company or organization. Gambling, lottery, raffle draws are prohibited.
  4. None of the content from this website is permitted to be used anywhere else on the internet. However sharing the articles and posts on social media platform is permitted and this should be done only for informational purposes.

All the images used on this website are either freshly created or sourced from the internet and are solely used for representational purposes. If you have any issues with respect to any image or legally own it, contact us and we will be happy to take it down.

Fitsaurus reserves the right to change or make any amends to the existing agreement and terms of use for the website. At any point of time, you are expected to follow all terms and conditions mentioned on the website.