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10 Things That Prove You Are Serious About Lifting

10 Things That Prove You Are Serious About Lifting

10 Things That Prove You Are Serious About Lifting

Lifting is much like an art, and one needs to be passionate and dedicated to their art. Lifting needs undeterred focus and stellar technique and there are always a few things that set the dedicated ones from the casual ones. A serious lifter will always stick to his diet and workout regime even on the most challenging days. Here, we look at 10 things that show your dedication towards lifting.

10. Your eternal love for supplementsImage Source

Let us get this straight; weightlifting would have been an uphill task if the discovery of supplements weren’t made. I know the likes of old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger never actually depended on it, but let us be honest here supplements make it easier. You are on the right track and got your priorities sorted when you stack the latest supplements, and they are not just impulsive or word-of-mouth buys, but well planned and researched.

You know what your body needs at a period of your gym regime, and then make the purchase accordingly. You also discuss your supplement needs with your trainer and seek for virtual help on the Internet.

9. You are more organized than Oswald

As childish as it might sound, but you are dead serious and take your lifting sessions with utmost care and passion. You have a separate calendar ready and marked for all your lifting and cardio days. You abide by it with strict measures, and seldom miss out on your lifting days. You organize your specific target muscle days, and even look for measurement every other month.

8. The anabolic window

You will always stick to the anabolic window despite even God asking you not to. Anabolic window refers to the intake of nutrition within 30 minutes of your exercise routine. You might forget your wallet and name of your spouse, but you will never miss out on any anabolic window ever.

7. Your gym bag is filled with relevant accessoriesImage Source

Lifting needs some serious reinforcements and your gym bag will always act like Hermione’s magic bag. Bandages, powder, extra gloves, vests, t-shirts, and always an extra pair of shoes. The knee caps and belts will be couple of essential ingredients packed with a bottle of water and on the go snacks if you need any. You will always have a quick look at the condition of your bag every day you set foot out of your house, and immediately notice if something is wrong.

6. Those before and after photos

Admit it, you love the fact when someone notices a change in your physique and looks at you with utter amazement. You will always look to take a snap or two in between those heavy triceps session or the staple chest days. You might not want to look stupid or annoying, so you just reach home, stand in front of the mirror, and take a snap with immense pleasure and pride. Those extra gains and pains snap will be filling up your Google drive space.

5. That Bodybuilder feeling

We all know what bodybuilders love doing even a couple of years back, and that was to flaunt their well-maintained physique. Hence, you look at chances where you could portray those humongous pecs and chest every now and then. You will be taking off your t-shirt even after a mediocre intensity lifting just to let the World know what you possess.

4. Leg Day Yes Yes!!

You will never skip your leg days, and even look to hit those calves twice a week. Your hamstring will shine bright like a diamond and your calf ready to break the strongest of walls. You will be hitting leg extensions with enviable ease.

3. You will never go overboard with your pre-workout protein limits

No matter how many repetitions you are going to hit or the intensity with which you will work out, you will never overdo your pre-workout protein. Heavy protein consumption minutes before hitting the gym is downright stupid and harmful to your health.  You will start huffing and puffing and give up after half an hour or so.

2. Food and you are good

You will be carrying your necessity nutrition bars or even the little packets of preworkouts just to keep you up and around after a vigorous workout session. Many lifters tend to eat during their sessions, although it is not a sound advice, if it suits your body and don’t commit any harm, you are good.

1. Your blender is like the Joey to your Chandler

Much like the Chan Chan Man and Joe, your blender knows exactly what you require. The right composition with which you blend in your supplements and all the required ingredients in perfect balance. You have your protein powder already in place and ready before you hit the gym.

Lifting is all about dedication, and your inclination towards lifting will surely make you work within certain boundaries although it is always going to a fun and adventurous life. However, if you are tentative and unsure whether you are suited to lifting or not it is better to take advice and then act accordingly.

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