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Fitness Story: From An IT Engineer To Being A Full Time Fitness Professional


Fitness Story: From An IT Engineer To Being A Full Time Fitness Professional

Hey, my name is Akshit Jaggi. I am 23 years old and have been a part of the Indian Fitness industry for over 8 years now. I have always been into sports since early childhood. I have played lawn tennis, volley-ball, badminton, etc. and have been trained professionally in cricket,swimming, MMA, Boxing and Bodybuilding.

As everyone knows, in our Indian society there is a lot of parental pressure on a child to study and regard his/her academics as a first priority irrespective of their caliber in sports.

I started lifting weights for power, strength and endurance just to pursue my career in MMA but being a science student it got very difficult to cope up with my studies along with so many injuries I faced during that period. I have an injured arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist all broken), injured shin bone and injured lower back. At last, my family asked me to stop playing combat sports but I was persistent and so I went ahead into boxing however pursuing B.tech and simultaneously training heavily for boxing tournaments took its toll and led me to my sports downfall as I always gave education my first priority.

After graduating B.tech, I started working for a company which got me really excited but that excitement soon diminished and I ended up leaving that company with doubts if I was in the right environment. After a few weeks, however, I got another appointment and I worked there for a few months. Putting in approximately 14 hours a day 6 days a week I got frustrated and left that place as well. Eventually I got a reference to join another firm in the Operations field but this time around I was confident that I am not meant for these private jobs. I was meant to workout for 6 hours a day, I was meant to eat like it’s my last day, I was meant to be a man who people can look upto and get  motivated to be fit.

Starting with 163lbs and 19-20% bodyfat, I followed a strict schedule and diet. I started working out twice a day and on March 18th 2017 I was almost 180lbs with 6% bodyfat. I usually follow weight training, HIIT and Cardio. And I train 5-6 days a week during off season and 7 days a week during on-season. Now, I am looking forward to compete professionally and to help my fellow fitness enthusiasts by providing educational and motivational videos related to Fitness.

Fitness Story: From An IT Engineer
I have followed a very strict diet. I usually consume only high protein low carb food, soluble fibre and whole unprocessed. I avoided sugary drinks, sodas, spices, salts, junk food, oil, etc. The way I used to design my whole meal plan was a blend of Carb cycling and Intermittent fasting which proved very worthful to me.

I have many role models whom I look upto for my motivation like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Jay Cutler. But the men who inspire and motivate me as rivals are Sadik Hadzovic and Jeremy Potvin.

For my fellow enthusiasts, I just want to say that there is no shortcut for hardwork, dedication and discipline. Work hard, Eat harder and take ample amount of rest. All these things will help you in one or the other way.


  1. You will always be my inspiration!

    • Thank you so much for your love.

  2. You have many role models , but now you are inspiring many ppl, days not far when you will become role model n inspiration to others….. keep it up Brother.
    Yeah, there is no shortcut to achieve something.
    You got it n u worth it .

    • Thanks a ton for your words. Really appreciate your compliment and support.

  3. Soo Brave decision bro….leaving the job and pursuing the passion ……clapss

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