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Fitness Story: Gurpreet Singh On How He Gained 20 kgs Of Muscle Mass By Training Hard, Eating Clean & Staying Dedicated Throughout

Fitness Story: Gurpreet Singh

Self Introduction

Name : Gurpreet Singh
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Height : 5’9
Weight : 72 kgs

Turning point

I started lifting back in October 2014, when I was only 52 kgs which is underweight as per the general height weight combination and also as per the requirements stated in defence forces (My aim is to be an IAF officer).

I was concerned only about gaining weight. I wasn’t much serious about it for the first 4 months, but as I started seeing results, I became addicted and now it’s my lifestyle.


Gained pure 4.5 kgs muscle mass in one month.

Hurdles faced : The initial few days were really tough because in the starting phase you have to develop a considerable strength and stamina in order to head on to intermediate and advanced workouts. I kept asking my trainer every now and then, “When are we going to start advanced workout ?” and he would reply with a smile, “Achieve the specified target poundage and reps with a proper form first” which seemed a distant dream for me because I struggled halfway between sets. But I was determined enough and in a span of 4 months, I gained enough strength and stamina to cope up with the advanced workouts.

The next thing I realized was, it’s no use going to gym everyday with absolutely very little knowledge about kinesiology, diet and exercises. I borrowed a Personal Trainer Guide from a trainer (who did his course from K11 fitness academy) and started gaining knowledge, experimenting with diet and exercise variations and it reaped great results, also helping in breaking through plateaus.

Driving Force : My brother in law, who was also a bodybuilder and of course who can forget their first iconic idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At present, I admire and derive inspiration from everyone who have achieved their fitness goals or are in the pursuit of getting them.

Workout program : I keep changing my workouts every 2 months, however it revolves around much of strength training for 6 days a week and a day left for cardio.

Diet followed : As I don’t eat non veg, I mostly rely upon eggs, cereals, milk, curd, paneer, green veggies for protein.

Fitness Story: Gurpreet Singh On He Gained 20 kgs Of Muscle Mass By Training Hard, Eating Clean & Staying Dedicated Throughout

Inspire your tribe :-

Start is always hard, what requires real effort is maintaining. Consistency and hard work accompanied with right amount of rest and diet will give you your desired results.

My friends always said “You don’t look like a Punjabi at all, except for your turban.” I worked hard and earned the respect.

Nothing worth having comes easy, so be patient and determined enough. If I can do it, so can you.

An extract which I wrote a few days ago to define the moment of love with working out,

“In all our day to day lives, we have that one moment in a day which makes us feel blissful and content. That moment just makes you answer the reason of your existence.

Yes, even I experience that moment everyday when I close my car door and walk towards my battleground, Gold’s Gym. For I know, I am going inside to create a better version of myself, I am going inside to stand for NEVER GIVE UP, I am going inside to play with those weights, I am going inside to push myself beyond limits. Because I am infinity, I know no boundaries for the insane human strength. 
I choose to be fit and invest on my own self rather than getting trapped in those worldly desires.

I would like to thank Fitsaurus for providing everyone like me to have a platform where we can share our Fitness stories and help each other. Indian Fitness needs more of this.


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