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How Many Calories Are There in a Frankie & Does It Have Any Health Benefits?


How Many Calories Are There in a Frankie & Does It Have Any Health Benefits?

Frankie is a popular Indian version of the wraps and rolls where the pre-cooked chapati or bread is stuffed with fillings ranging from a potato and onion mixture to Paneer or innovative Chinese version as well as chicken. The tangy and spiciness of chillies and tanginess of vinegar are absolutely enjoyable. Frankie or wraps are the easiest recipes to prepare at home because you can make it with chapatis and sabzi. A popular Indian street food, Frankie has originated from Kolkata and known by different names such as kati roll, frankie food, frankie recipe or vegetable frankie recipe. Tibbs Frankie is another popular brand of Frankies available in India.

The spiced vegetables are wrapped in chapati or wrap bread to which tomato sauce and green paste are added to enhance the flavor. Traditionally, frankie was prepared using layered paratha. Nowadays, many variations of frankie recipes are available. For homemade frankie, you can use chapatis or multi-grain wrap which is a healthier version of roadside frankie. You can also add capsicum, green peas, carrots and mushroom to enhance its nutritional value.

Calories in Frankie (Veg and Chicken) are as given below in the table





(1 Frankie)









Veg 63 2.84 1.99 0.6 7.44
Chicken 236 5 16 4 36


Chicken Frankie is a popular and widely consumed Indian street food which is usually stuffed or rolled with chicken. For homemade non- veg frankie, use boneless chicken along with different types of spices which render a different taste and fragrance to the frankie. Apart from chicken, you can also use meat in the frankies or rolls that you prepare. Garnish the frankie with tomatoes, coriander leaves, and onion springs. While stuffing the chicken add tomato sauce and chilli sauce to enhance the taste and overall flavour of the Frankie.

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