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How Many Calories Are There in Biryani & Does It Have Any Health Benefits?

How many calories are there in Biryani & does it have any health benefits fitsaurus

How many calories are there in Biryani & does it have any health benefits?

Veg. Biryani is a rich and luxurious preparation of rice and vegetables. It is a traditional Indian food that contains lots of ghee and oil, along with aromatic spices and vegetables. It has ample amounts of vitamin A, iron and calcium. Calories in Indian foods like Veg Biryani is high due to amount of ghee used and deep frying of the many ingredients that go into its preparation.


Authentic recipes involve preparing the gravy and rice separately, followed by baking. For healthy option, reduce the oil content, by preparing more gravy and cook it together with brown rice. Veg Biryani is a nutritious and healthy Indian food for vegetarians. Vegetables provide fibre, vitamins, and minerals whereas brown rice retains the fibre and the B-vitamins. It is full of flavours, is tasty and filling.

Chicken Biryani:

The traditional Indian recipe of Chicken Biryani contains lots of flavors and Indian spices. It is cooked using skinless chicken breast/thigh to reduce the cholesterol level. However, you should restrict its consumption, especially if you are worried about your waistline as the dish combines chicken and rice with rich seasonings that makes it a high-calorie dish.

Chicken Biryani tossed in ghee, stuffed with cashews is rich in protein as well as fat. The high amount of saturated fats in Chicken Biryani may enhance your cholesterol levels. The spices added to the Chicken Biryani may lead to acidity and heartburn.

On the other hand, being rich in protein, vitamin B6, and selenium, it can boost your bone strength, body metabolism, immune system and activity of the thyroid hormones. You can make Chicken Biryani healthier by using minimum oil and spices, brown rice and avoiding ghee.

Food Calories

(100 gm)









Veg Biryani 130 2.53 3.16 1 23.33
Chicken Biryani 139 3.93 6.36 0.9 19.23

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