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Indian Foods that Will Help You Boost Your Stamina

Indian Foods that Will Help You Boost Your Stamina

Indian Foods that Will Help You Boost Your Stamina

India has a varied cuisine to cater to the needs of both high and low dietary requirements. Those looking for proteins can rely on the soya to match up to the non-vegan population. Similarly the oats keep the fibre content high and help you lose extra weight. Today we have a look at stamina boosters and their sources.

In the fast paced lifestyle and the increased demands of family and work: one often feels exhausted due to lack of stamina. Our ancestors who did physical work still boast of the stamina they possess in comparison to the present generation.

So let’s look at the stamina boosters:

  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the foremost need of the body to give energy to play, work and stay ahead. Carbohydrates are then converted to glucose which keeps body active and ready. For this Rotis, pasta, bread and rice are the best sources of carbohydrates. Fried goodies: samosa and pakora are ideal for the mid evening energy bank. Similarly the milk rich kheer or payasam are the carbohydrate rich desserts.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamins especially vitamin C are important to sustain stamina. These provide protection from coughs and cold by keeping bacterial infection at bay. For vitamin C try murrabas of amla which is a rich source of iron and calcium as well. Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits boost vitamin C and keep scurvy away. Additionally Chilly pickle is a daily diet rich in vitamin C.
  • Protein: The bodybuilding and repair nutrient: proteins are the building blocks of life. Proteins are found in daal, rajma and chickpeas easily. Another is to include soya chunk bhurji or paneer bhurji to boost metabolism. Those who love non vegetarian food can try fish or cod liver oil to supplement protein requirements.
  • Iron: Popeye’s secret source of stamina: Spinach and leafy greens make you strong and healthy. Lack of iron in body can make you lethargic hence broccoli salad, meat and beans can help. The oxygen supply is boosted leading to an active hour.
  • Calcium: The bones require calcium to heal and repair. This calcium promotes bone health and wellness. Calcium is easily compensated via dairy products like milk and cheese. Further goat meat and milk is another good way to boost bone health.
  • Fibers: Fibres are essential to a good digestive health. It helps stomach to absorb the nutrients while fighting lethargy. It relieves constipation and losing weight. For this the Oatmeal kheer is the best food available. Further fruits like pear, apples and flax seed regularly support the fibre needs.

The Indian food is rich in one or other nutrients while some like oats and gram flour are especially blessed to suit our daily needs. Yet the adequate intake should be consulted with the dietician before starting the binge.

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