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How Many Calories Are There In a Roti & What are Its Health Benefits?


How Many Calories Are There In a Roti & What are Its Health Benefits?

Roti is an integral part of Indian traditional food. It is a small round flatbread which is chiefly made of wheat flour. Other ingredients incorporated are water, salt, Celery seeds and oil. Carbohydrates contribute for a majority of calories in Roti, although both protein and fat make up more of the caloric content. Roti is also made with a combination of one or more flours which include wheat, flour, rice flour, Ragi flour, Maize, Millets, Sorghum, White flour, Chickpea flour and Multigrain flour. Let’s find out calories in different types of Rotis.

Types of Roti

(1 Roti)









Whole Wheat 60 2 1 3 12
Millet 105 2 4 4 20
Ragi 60 1 1 3 10
Maize 121 2 3 2 3
Sorghum 104 2 10 2 73
Chickpea 160 6 5 2 20
Rice flour 125 1 3 0 16
Multigrain 140 3 4 3.5 24

The majority of Indians have Roti or Chapati as a part of their staple diet. Some may eat it only once in a day while there are people who eat it for both their lunch as well as dinner. Nowadays, people are becoming health conscious. It is important to keep a tab on the weight by knowing the calorie count of the food you consume. 

The calories in Roti may vary as per the ingredients. Apart from calorie intake, one must also consider the nutritional factor. Wheat Chapati has low calories as compared to others, but a Ragi Roti is more nutritious even if it is high in calories. The best way to go about it is to alternate between the different types to reap their best benefits.

On an average, people eat two to three Rotis at a time. Hence, it is essential to note the calories you are adding.Roti or Chapati form an essential part of the Indian diet. Rotis are usually eaten with any vegetable preparations.

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