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Once Mocked For Being Overweight, Today a Fitness Inspiration & Role Model To Many

Once Mocked For Being Overweight, Today a Fitness Inspiration & Role Model To Many



Name : Nupur Banerji

Age : 28

Achievement : Lost 22 kgs in less than one year

(83 kgs to 61 kgs in 10 months)


Hello Nupur, Welcome to Fitsaurus. We are happy to have you on board as one of our very first fitness professionals. As we introduce you to our ever growing audience, let us first share your inspirational fitness journey with them.


Nupur: Absolutely. India needed a platform like Fitsaurus where more and more stories are shared. Interactions between like minded fitness lovers are done on a regular basis. Something that is solely directed to Indian fitness is what we all need. I must also mention that your The Unfit Indian page on Facebook is absolutely brilliant. Never have I seen fitness awareness being spread in such a hilarious and fun filled way. Wish you guys all the very best.

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  1. Why did I start working out – 

I have always been someone who likes to stay fit, but I was also fat.. Now people need to understand that being fit and being fat are two very different things.. I have always been into dancing, since the age of 6, I’m 28 now.. When I was in 10th, due to my Board exams, like most students I had to curtail my extracurricular activities. I had to give up on dancing and that’s why I suddenly gained weight which led to PCOS and thyroid issues.. And what worsened it more was that these were detected late..

I became a Zumba instructor on the advice of one of my friends, Sourabh, because of two things. Firstly I loved dancing and secondly Zumba has helped many people lose weight. Ofcourse it helped me lose weight initially but what I did not realise that an excessive of anything is bad.. In the excitement of losing more weight, I started teaching around 5 classes of Zumba a day and that also led to excessive muscle loss which in turn led to fat gain and being overweight.

Some personal incidents in my life pushed me towards emotional eating, depression and aggravated thyroid and PCOS which is the perfect combination for weight gain.. I was absolutely helpless because I didn’t know what to do.. This had become more of a metabolic disorder

All these reasons put together and I was pushed to add strength training to my workout regime.

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    1. What keeps me motivated 


One of my biggest motivation was the absolutely negative and mean things people said to me about me being fat..

When I was as young as 17, I had a relative gifting me an XXXL size of t-shirt whereas I always used to wear XL.

Until a year back, immediately after I had taken an intensive Zumba session, I had someone point at my stomach and ask me ‘When is your due date?’

I feel that’s an exceptionally mean thing to say.

My Coach, Aminder Singh, my family, My mom and my boyfriend have been my biggest support. They kept me in my senses and believed that I could achieve my goals when I didn’t believe in myself at all after being so overweight.

My Coach made sure that I got my workout and diet plans bang on time..

My Mom made sure that I was eating according to my diet and she kept me motivated..

My boyfriend kept encouraging me to get better with every passing day, and every rep..

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My transformation has been nothing less than a Teamwork. If you have a good support system around you, it helps you get to your fitness goals faster.


  1. Hurdles faced 

One of the biggest hurdles that I faced was people telling me that all my efforts were going in vain and nothing will ever change..

But what made all these things disappear was a rock solid Team of my Coach, my family and my boyfriend. I owe it to them to have kept me protected and motivated always.

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  1. Diet and workout plan

We all have to realize that weight loss/weight gain are never short term processes. They are a lifestyle overhaul. You will have to move out of your comfort zone to make those changes.

My workouts included a healthy balance of cardio and strength training. Remember, it’s always about what makes you feel good. Once you feel good on the inside, you will look good on the outside.

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Always remember to back up a great workout with great nutrition. Going on a diet doesn’t mean starving yourself, it means getting in the requisite calories through the good foods and a proper balance of proteins, carbs and fats.

I had my Coach Aminder Singh guiding me with his amazing online training program for my nutrition and workout.


  1. What my transformation has taught me

A transformation is a long term process and a lifestyle overhaul. Set small goals, achieve them, appreciate yourself and move to the next one..

No matter what,

keep going.

And now, along with being the co founder of Zink Fitness Studio, I’m also an online personal trainer with Team Aminder.



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