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Six Delicious & Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For Weight Loss


Six Delicious & Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For Weight Loss.

In this super busy era where we have absolutely no time for anything we fall prey to some of the deadliest lifestyle health problems and diseases. The main culprit many times is skipping your morning meal.


and it is one of the major reasons we fail while trying to get to a body weight goal… What must we do to tackle this problem? The answer to that lies in the saying: Variety is the Spice of Life. We all have been through a stage where we have been criticized for having a certain body type. At some point of time we all have wanted to make our body better than how it was or is. Diet plays a huge role in this and BREAKFAST holds utmost importance amongst all other meals.

The most important meal of our day is BREAKFAST, the 8-hour long fast we maintain while getting our beauty sleep. Today, I am going to help you get rid of your boring morning meals with the SUPER-SIX  INDIAN BREAKFAST RECIPES FOR WEIGHT LOSS that will keep you healthy & fit without the worry of excessive calories.


1.) Batata Poha

One of the easiest to prepare and a nutrition loaded meal, Pohe is a flattened rice dish with flavours of turmeric, green chilli and mustard seeds with chopped onions for your taste. Now, if you are someone like me who loves potatoes there’s good news for you – this 300 kcals’dish made out of beaten rice can be eaten with potatoes to cover a portion of carbs to get energized on a lazy morning.

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2.) Oats Idli

YannaRascala, Oats Idli – EAT IT! Who said only South Indians enjoy Idli and I totally believe not all whites are BAD. Well, the best part about this light meal is that you can actually curtail your consumption based on your calorie intake, you want to know how? One Oats Idli is equivalent to 26 calories, tossing 3-5 of them in your breakfast is not only going to curb your hunger for a few hours but also keep a tasty check on healthy eating plan. The 15-minutes prep meal gets its nutrients from carrots, mustard seeds, green chillies, turmeric, black gram and coriander leaves.

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3.)Rawa Upma

Amma Upma De De, Mumma Upma De De Mumma!! Amma, Mumma or Momma’s Rawa Upma is a veggie loaded dish made of Suji. Four ounces of this homemade meal consists of just about 80 kcals filled fresh vegetables, nuts, curry leaves, lentils and spices this one’s got to be just perfect before you begin your superfast day. Add grated coconut toppings and you’re good to go…

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4.) Omelette

All the fitness lovers say it’s their Right Choice. Beating eggs with spices can make the tastiest meal for the day with not more than 150 calories for 100 grams. You can make it the French Style without cheese, of course or the Indian scrambled way bhurji, the choice is yours. With moderate amounts of masala – red chilli powder, green chillies, onions and turmeric, this one’s sure on every nutritionist’s diet list.


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5.) Moong Dal Cheela

Ghar, ghar ki kahani – Moong Dal ke saath paneer and veggies. Dal is the most common and is forever available in an Indian kitchen so you think you are running out of ingredients? This one’s going to help you stick through your month ends and low food storage with 100 calories from one piece. Desi pancakes with cashews, green gram, capsicum, cabbage, onions and more…

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6.) Methi ka Thepla

Aye Hallo!!! . One of the most eaten and popular Gujarati dishes Methi ka Thepla is an evergreen choice when you want to load your box with nutrition.

The stomach filling paratha comprises of 130 calories from whole wheat flour, dried fenugreek leaves, sugar, garlic, ginger, salt, coriander and vegetable oil.

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If you love hot food try kneading the flour with its ingredients and cook as and when you need.

Whoa! So, here you are with the Super Six Indian Breakfast recipes. One of the tastiest meals from the Indian Cuisine that are going to strengthen your fitness game. Remember, monotonous meals can ruin your motivation for getting through your weight targets. So, how about leading a lifestyle with your regular delicacies without sacrificing or salivating for your favourite meals?

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