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How To Tell If Your Trainer’s Fitness Knowledge is Absolutely Zero

How To Tell If Your Trainer’s Fitness Knowledge is Absolutely Zero

How to tell if your trainer’s fitness knowledge is absolutely zero?

When it comes to bodybuilding every person you meet at the gym may have some advice for you. As a fitness enthusiast who frequents the gym regularly, you must ignore the so-called “experts” and take first opinion from your trainer. But what if your trainer himself lacks complete knowledge of things? How will you deal with that? Here are some clues:

Your workouts hurt

Workouts  may make your body and muscles sore but if you feel too much pain then you are doing it wrong. Talk to your trainer and if he still insists on doing those exercises then your trainer has absolutely no knowledge about workouts. Exercising is fun and there is no harm in pushing yourself to test your limits, but if you are experiencing more pain than gain, then it is time to change your trainer or just stop listening to him.

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No weight training for women

If your trainer believes that women should only do cardio and no weight training then he is highly mistaken and you must not sabotage your fitness goals by training under him. Weight training is proven to be very helpful in losing weight and improving your muscular structure. You can convert burn fat at a faster rate if you weight train. Women are most often subjected to excessive cardio if they have to lose weight and this does not help the purpose in any way.

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Eat less but workout more

There are trainers who ask you to eat less but exercise more in order to burn fat. But that is just a big blunder. Eating less doesn’t help. All it does is harm your body. Your diet must be according to your exercise schedule. Don’t listen to your trainer if he asks you to eat less saying that it will help in weight loss. You do not have to starve. You just have to eat right.

Claims to know everything about bodybuilding

Don’t fall for trainers who claim that they know everything about bodybuilding and that they can help you get a muscular physique within a couple of months. Trainers who promise you dreams are nothing but ill informed. Instead of only believing in them, look for other sources of information to increase your knowledge. For nutrition, you must get in touch with a professional nutritionist. Don’t trust your trainer for everything if he follows a same pattern for all those training under him. Every person has a different fitness goal and most importantly a different body type. 


Tells you that Squats are bad

This is it. This is where you tell him goodbye! As rubbish it might sound but there are trainers who say that one must not do deep squats as they are harmful for back and knees. This is just a myth because if squats are done in the right manner they can help increase strength. Squats are the basics of bodybuilding and increasing overall physical strength. YOU MUST SQUAT.

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