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The Right Approach to Bodybuilding and Gaining Muscle Mass Effectively

The Right Approach to Bodybuilding and Gaining Muscle Mass Effectively

The Right Approach to Bodybuilding and Gaining Muscle Mass Effectively

A significant amount of our life is wasted thinking about whether to go for a lean and trimmed look or possess sturdy mass. In the ifs and buts of body building we simply forget one essential aspect i.e. logic. From now on throw away the myths like heavier muscles would make you look like The Hulk or you might lose your body agility. Part of it is true when bodybuilding athletes tend to break past their physical threshold they tend to get all bulky and rigid. However, if you are looking to bulk up, and lead your life just the way you like, you need to understand the science and art behind bodybuilding.

First, let us get familiar with the term Hypertrophy, when comprehended means gain of musclefibers. Now, hypertrophy strictly opposes the theory bulking up more using fat rather than muscle cells. In hypertrophy, one needs to hit the right areas under a strict regime followed with a clear thought process. To delve you into the World of mass building let us look at the following steps:

Understand Intensity

Many might start pumping muscles at the speed of Flash after reading this. Easy! Barry hold on to your horse and read further. Intensity here refers to the weight training. Here, you need to gradually work up the weight chambers in a systematic manner. To obtain the best possible intensity training you need to set your single best lift. A single best lift requires a single clean rep using maximum weight. This helps you set your training intensity on your given weight and test your physical threshold.

High Protein diet paired with additional calories

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A few years back the above heading might have sound a bit oxymoron, but the science to dieting methods has changed. Working on a simple strategy; you need to consumer more calories than you lose, so that you can achieve your muscle mass program. The best way to calculate and stay in bounds when you up your calorie intake is to record your everyday plan using fitness calculators. You can download certain authentic apps or you can simply calculate it online. Although, you will not be able to track the exact figures, but it will produce an approximate layout when used properly.

Bulking up your caloric means can be a risky business as many tend to gulp in fatty foods, which in turn increases your weight but racks up huge body fat. It is essential to stay on a high protein diet. The right diet will help you gain a percent of your body mass per week, and over the course of a 4-month period you will experience a significant amount of growth.

Know your angles and hit them from different ends

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The best way to build mass is to pinpoint your target muscles and work on them. Suppose you are working on your triceps and the French Press and triceps extension work with the same philosophy and angle. Now to gain better results, go for the typical triceps dip, which works on your triceps and arm.

Decline benchpress and flys can work wonders on your chest area over two different angles altogether. A typical barbell curl when paired with decline alternate curls will test your strength from two different angles. You can also go for a three-exercise plan focusing on a targeted muscle. Working up your muscles from different angles will help you bolster your mass and gain strength and mobility.

Be your own rival

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Even when one strings the basic methods and science of bodybuilding together, they tend to lack another imperative aspect i.e. motivation. It is easy to say find a partner and hit the gym on a regular basis with the notion of no pain no gain pumping the adrenalines high. To be honest, a more prominent Indian notion works at the gym and that is “No Bro not today”. This kills off your zeal and inspiration and you start thinking maybe he is right, let’s go easy today. This is where you need to gear up and satiate your own physique desires. Challenge yourself and check whether you could finish a given milestone with proper rest.

Trainers are always there to look after you, but you need to keep a steady mind and focus on your challenges. Diversify your training milestones week after week so that you can explore what wonders your body can work, and build a deeper insight so that you know when to stop and when to go all guns blazing.

The theory of multijoint movements


The theory of multijoint movements is simple and effective. Work in with different muscles and body parts for progressive results. Barbell curl helps you rack up more weight as you can use the strength of your forearm and wrists in addition to the targeted biceps. However, during leg extension it becomes a little difficult as you are asked to lift weight owing to the strength of your calf.

Multijoint movements are beneficial as it locks in three or four body muscles in one exercise. Benchpress and triceps extension are couple of exercises where you can pump in enormous weight with little effort.

Use your brain as well

The Right Approach to Bodybuilding and Gaining Muscle Mass Effectively

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The next time when someone tells you bodybuilding is all physique and no brains, ask them to google up few basic ideas. Take bodybuilding as a form of art, and try to picture every maneuver you wish to make or what steps could help you improve. Google is there to answer every query of every Indian then why shy away from it. Ask questions to your friends and trainers and seek advises on how to better yourself.

Supplements can be effective alternatives, and rummage the Internet and take advises from pundits before indulging in one. Explore and work on new techniques and communicate with athletes during exhibitions and listen to their diet charts and plans.

Bodybuilding may still be looked at as a poor man’s way to fame in India. You need to step out of the shadows and work on your fitness without getting budged by any such comments. Hit the gym with fresh mind, pump the iron, and stick to a traditional diet.

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