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Top 5 Muscle Building Exercises

Top 5 Muscle Building Exercises.

Top 5 Muscle Building Exercises.

With the evident advancement of the fitness industry in India, people are rushing to fill up the gyms more than ever these days. That being said, I can not convincingly say that the quality of training provided at such gyms is up to the mark always. Instructors without proper knowledge about the basic training principles often lead people to train on unproductive exercises which lead them to waste their time as well as money. See, your machine flys or preacher curls are excellent exercises, but for a gym veteran. Not a newbie.

When you start your weight training journey, you should devote your time and effort to better yourself at these 5 all-essential exercises to develop a strong muscle base for any future gains in size and strength.


#1- Squats.

Almost every strength athlete who’s been asked the question “What’s the King of all exercises?” has screamed “SQUATS!” in a blink of a second. Squats is the definitive cure to the epidemic of ‘Chicken Legs’. Although crowned as the King Of All Lower Body Exercises, several researches have proven the facts that Squats not only increase your testosterone (Essential hormone for muscle growth) significantly but are also essential to develop your Abdomens, Shoulders(Particularly the rear deltoid) and Lower back. Although highly beneficial, this exercise needs to be executed in a correct manner to avoid injuries.


Firstly, the feet should point away from each other at the start of the movement. Then, keeping your chest up, slowly descend to a position where your hips are below parallel level to the floor. Then without arching your back, rise to a position where your knees are straight. Do not jerk your body or your legs while doing this.


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#2- Deadlifts.

This is an extremely strenuous exercise that engages your entire posterior chain, primarily the back and hamstrings. Hence, I would suggest doing these at the end of your back day. At the face of it the movement is extremely simple.


Just bend down and pick the barbell off the floor. Trust me, it’s not that easy. To avoid injuries, bend down in a manner similar to the descent of the squat. Then lift, all the while ensuring your back doesn’t coil up. This exercise, when done in a proper manner, adds a ton of beef to the upper back, traps and forearms and works on the abs. Hold your core muscle tight.


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#3- Bench Press.

The King of Upper body exercises. It’s highly important to master this movement if you wish to develop impressive Pecs, Front Deltoids and Triceps. Heck, even the lats and biceps are involved in a properly executed bench press.


When lying down on the bench bring your shoulder blades as close possible and grip the bar with a complete intent to rip it in half. Then in a smooth controlled manner, lower it ALL THE WAY down to your nipple are. Always remember, half reps= half the gains. Once on your chest count to 1 and push the weight all the way until your elbows are straight.


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#4- Military Press.

This one is essential for building cannon ball shaped Deltoids and traps that start from below your ears. Basically, it works the entire shoulder griddle and effectively deals with any posture defect ,when done in combination with deadlifts.


Just start with the weight at the upper clavicle(upper chest) and push it overhead until your arms are straightened. When done standing, this movement is an excellent Ab developer and also helps you deal with any balancing issues that you might be dealing with. When done in a seated position, ensure that your butt and lower back stick to the seat to avoid injury.


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#5- Stiff- Legged Deadlift.

SLD’s or Romanian Deadlifts develop your hamstrings, inner thighs, calves as well as the forearms. The movement of this exercise is similar to the Deadlift. You just have to keep your legs straight throughout this movement. Also, we don’t bring the bar all the way down like we do in the deadlifts. Just bring it to a point mid-shin so that the back doesn’t round to an excessive degree. You wouldn’t be able to handle the same weight as you would in the deadlift, so back off the weight on this one and concentrate  on the downward movement.

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Just remember, these exercises are the most basic as well as the most difficult exercises that you can do in the gym because getting the right form is very important in these exercises. Always warm-up and ensure proper form before carrying out the lifts to avoid risking injuries, of course.

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  1. Nice article about muscle building exercises. If I would have to choose my own top 5 exercises then they would be Number 1 the deadlift!!! I have to say that the DL is the all-time number 1 muscle-building exercise (including all its variations). 2. Squat, again a huge lift, that puts a lot of pressure on your muscles and body. 3. The push press, not as popular as the military press but it allows you to lift HUGE weights. 4. Bench press… Best chest exercise. and for number 5 it’s gotta be weighted pull-ups.

    One small thing bugged me about this article tho. Aren’t the stiff leg DL and the Romanian DL two different exercises? They are super similar but still :). Anyways a good read!

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