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When Should You Drink Water?


When Should You Drink Water

Right after waking up

Drinking a glass of lukewarm water is considered a good practice right after getting out of bed in the morning. It prepares your body for the activities for the day. This practice is supposed to cleanse your body and boost your immunity. This can be

preferably done before brushing your teeth, since saliva accumulated overnight abounds in medicinal properties.

Drinking after brushing may cause you to ingest fluoride from the toothpaste that you use.


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Before a meal

Ideally, 25% of your stomach should have water even when full. This helps control overeating and cleanse the mouth before a meal and alert you taste buds.

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During a meal

Taking a little water during a meal helps aid digestion.

Saliva production and moistening of food takes place as a result of occasional sips.

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After a meal

Drinking after a meal once again helps cleanse the mouth. It prevents constipation too.

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Between meals and during workouts

Drinking between meals is a good idea for stalling of food craving that isn’t hunger exactly. Drinking some water sometimes proves useful in satiating the body.

During workouts, sipping is a necessity since you sweat a lot too. But be careful not to over hydrate, for even though a hydrated brain functions better than a dehydrated one, punishing your kidneys is a sin too.

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Some people think it is good to drink water before you get thirsty.

If that was actually a good habit, we wouldn’t have needed the receptors in our brain that tell us when water levels fall in the body. So if you’re healthy and don’t otherwise suffer from any disorder regarding hydration, it is better to rely on your thirst receptors to guide you about when to take a sip. You additionally suffer from the risk of over hydration which most athletes do due to frequent consumption. By doing this you also therefore save the extra trips to the bathroom.


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Lastly, optimal hydration could be the difference between you and someone who lives a decade longer than you.

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