Home Training Bodybuilding Why is it Important to Vary your Workout Routine?

Why is it Important to Vary your Workout Routine?

Why is it Important to Vary your Workout Routine?
Why is it Important to Vary your Workout Routine?

Change is the order of life and one needs to make peace with the notion as life would be extremely monotonous otherwise. Fitness is a major part of our life and trivially the notion remains same. You might feel extremely lethargic to put in a constant amount of effort behind a rigorous and tedious workout plan day in day out. A rigid workout plan contains a fixed amount of calorie burning and muscle strengthening exercises, but you can always tighten the screws or cut yourself some slack just to give your body the much-needed variation. Variation does not mean that your current workout regime is wrong or inadequate, but it allows you to explore range of exercises affecting different parts of your body. For example, you are not bound to run on a chest-back-biceps-triceps cycle only; you can work on your core or hamstrings and go for the occasional full body cardio just to switch it up and down a few notches. To help you get a better understanding, let us break it to you in different procedures that will help you keep fit and running both literally and hypothetically.

Avoid muscle building plateaus

Many might not be familiar to the phrase muscle building plateaus, but it is safe to say that almost every one of us had to go through this excruciating period at one point of our lives. It is that part of your gym period when you don’t feel any gain, loss, or strengthening of your body despite giving in your best efforts. This is what a plateau is, and to avoid this unavoidable phase or too keep it at bay for as long as possible, variation plays a key role. It will keep you from getting demotivated and pump in the much-needed inspiration that boredom extracts out of your mind.

Devoid of overuse injuries

It is foolish to go all guns blazing on the same set of exercises, and injuring your muscles or body parts in the process. How would you feel if you are asked to eat Rajma Chawal or Daal Baati for 4 months straight? Pathetic and tedious will be the two words you will be looking for then. Despite both being equally delicious, one cannot consume it for 120 days straight. Same goes for exercises and injuries they bring in. 4 days of heavy Romanian deadlifts will eventually knock the bejesus out of your back and you will be left writhing in pain and agony.

Break free boredom shackles

No matter how good your gym ambience is or how inspiring the music is, boredom will eventually creep in when you stick to same exercises no variation mantra. To hit the strides and keep yourself rejuvenated you need to alter your workout routine just like you change your playlist time after time.

Go for a light workout day time and again

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First things first, no one is going to scold you if you want to stretch and jog rather than going for strength training after a rigorous period of workout routine. Go light on your body whenever you feel fatigued. Everything has a breaking point, and working out while having sore muscles does not boast of inhumane power, but a ridiculous thought process.

Interchange among strength, cardio, and weightlifting trainings

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To get in the much-awaited shape, it is imperative to alter among three of the highly rated training regimes. Take 6 days a week gym routine and take a day off. In those 6 days go for cardio-strength-weight-cardio-weight-strength routine and see how the Genie grants your wishes. The variation will help you develop a healthy mindset as you will not be bored and help you hit specific muscles.

Exercise is no different than food or entertainment habits, which is why change in plans is the way to go. You can always YouTube and seek for alternative exercise routines and compare the one suiting you the most. Your gym trainer should be the first person you should visit if you want to alter your routine or change your number of exercises per day. To top it off, it is vital for you to start such variations with a fresh and sound mind, so avoid getting pumped up unnecessarily.

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