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Why Men Lose Weight Easily Compared To Women

Why Men Lose Weight Easily Compared To Women

Why men lose weight easily compared to women

Why men lose weight easily compared to women :

It is experienced by women that even after working out regularly and watching over intake of each calorie, they still struggle in getting the desirable result, on the other hand men somehow have easier time burning calories and losing weight.

Well that is the way it is, but why is it that men tend to lose weight easily compared to women? It is not that women do not “try enough”, eventually men lose weight easily than women because they have different height, weight and muscle-to-fat ratio.

The simple truth is that men have larger bodies than women and your total body size does matter. Larger the bodies, more the calories required. Since men tend to have more height, weight and muscle masses than women, their bodies need more calories to function.

Moreover, men are more likely to burn more calories when they do physical work, not because they do it rigorously than women, but because larger the body, the more calories it takes to move that body. A 80 kilogram guy will burn more calories than a girl weighing 55 kgs, even if they run the equal distance regularly.

Why men lose weight easily compared to women

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So to sum this up, a larger body’s organs take more calories than a smaller person’s organs. So their basic burn rate of calories is also larger. This is of great advantage to men in terms of weight loss. Because the calories they need are higher, any modifications they make in their workout creates larger calorie deficit or they lose calories easily, whereas, a female who is smaller in size than men, her body will not burn as many calories a day as a larger man’s can and any amount of calorie she loses will not be as much a man.

Men produce the “testosterone” hormone in larger quantities compared to women, which helps in increasing muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis, and thus rebuilding of muscle tissues.

Subsequently muscles naturally burn more calories even while at rest. Hence men have another positive point in the way their metabolism works and helping then lose more weight than women,

It is a great thing that couples should work out together, have good diet plans and motivate each other, rather than to whine over the fact that one is losing weight faster than the other.

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Both should inspire one another in this journey to fitness, it is not a contest, as both men and women have been structured in  different ways and have different ways of reciprocating to the workout regime.

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