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Why You Shouldn’t Use Fat Burners?

Why You Shouldn’t Use Fat Burners?

Why You Shouldn’t Use Fat Burners?

Like the Loch Ness monster, there are many myths that are yet to be busted, and one of the most common amongst them is that fat burners will help you melt your fat with the help of some pills. As dubious it might sound, some people expect to get a toned body within weeks of using it. Fat burners act as a catalyst in a weight-loss program, but it certainly does not help you lose fat without following a strict workout regimen and proper diet. Fat burners have been a popular marketing gimmick in India, and advertisements boasting of minimal workout and a pill per day to cut your fat, it serves as an eye candy for many people. To burst the myths about fat burners in India, here are few talking points that need to be paid attention to.

Misleading ingredients section:

It is imperative to check the ingredients section on every consumable product you purchase, but some of the fat burner manufacturers hide the actual content, and use substances that can be seen as potential threat for the individual in question. The concerned food and drug authorities have issued stern statement against such policies, and recently many other high profile companies have come under the scanner. The use of drugs that were once prescribed to treat obesity, but have long been abolished from the market due to fatal consequences is still being used. It might work during the first few weeks of consumption, but it slowly increases the risk of cancer among all other potentially life threatening diseases.

Liver inflammation:

Among the many consequences, liver inflammation caught the eye of many after cases of liver related problems were reported in India and many other parts of the World. Such was the extent that the company under the scanner was banned, and it exposed the darker side of fat burners. Liver is susceptible to many drugs, and it is safer to refrain from such components whenever possible.

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This might sound irrelevant, but it has been seen that many cases of heightened anxiety have been reported in India after the consumption of fat burning pills in India. Fat burners should be the last thing on your diet if you are a patient of recurring anxiety as many contain ephedrine, absolutely calamitous for people suffering from anxiety and fear.

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Insomnia and elevated blood pressure:

Fat burners tend to increase metabolism of the body, and when consumed in limit can work wonders, but prolong consumption can turn into a literal nightmare. A significant amount of Indians account for chronic insomnia, and fat burners are known to have escalated it to new heights. Elevated blood pressure is another drawback, and excessive heightened metabolic rate results in negative heart conditions. People suffering from mild heart attacks and strokes have been reported in the country as well.

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 Dehydration and excessive sweating:

Due to increased heart rate, sweating is imminent. Fat burners when consumed outside the dietician norms might even lead to occasional shakes. Dehydration is another headache that you need to keep in mind before giving fat burners a shot.

It should be unjustified to conclude that fat burners have no advantages over normal dietary measures, and when consumed under the advice of a trusted dietician, fat burning pills can be consumed safely. However, one should refrain from using it until and unless normal ways of cutting out fats don’t work out. In the meantime if you are still confused, pack your gym kit, tie your laces, and start with basic HIIT workouts.

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