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10 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass

10 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass

Top 10 ways to gain muscle mass naturally

Eat adequately

If you do not eat properly you will suffer from muscle loss. To increase muscle size you must consume the right amount of nutrients. For instance, many bodybuilders only eat albumen and leave out yolk as it contains fat. Do not consume too much calories but the necessary amount must be taken.

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Proteins are a must

Proteins are elixir for bodybuilders. If you want to lift heavy weights, increase overall strength and build muscles then you must consume proteins. Your protein intake must be sufficient enough to support the workout you do. Proteins contain amino acids that help build muscles.

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Do limited cardio

Cardio reduces fat which in turn reduces muscle mass. It is healthy for your body but you must not overdo it. Don’t try to reduce body weight. Instead, try to convert it into solid muscle mass.


Calories are good

If you want a toned body you must not be afraid of eating carbohydrates or fats. Because both of these are important nutrients that will increase your muscle mass. If you are doing weight training then you need energy which you can get only by consuming carbs.


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Eat frequently

Increasing muscle mass requires a certain amount of food consumption but instead of taking heavy meals increase your frequency of eating. Eat more meals instead of eating more in one meal. Eat less but frequently. It will improve digestion and prevent fat deposition. Six small meals better than three big meals.

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Eat after working out

Post-workout meals are highly important. After workout, your body is tired and needs its dose of nutrients, especially proteins and carbohydrates. Eat and re-energise yourself.

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Drink lots and lots of water

Bodybuilding requires you to stay hydrated all the time. Our body is made up of 70% water, which means it needs enough water to absorb nutrients and keep muscles pumped. Water works as a medium of transportation and helps carry nutrients to all body parts.

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Do full body exercises

Want to get quick and effective results? Then instead of focusing on a single part of your body do full body exercises, like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups etc. Rather than isolating one body part perform exercises that involve multiple muscles. That’s more productive and will get you quicker results.

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Do not do more repetitions

Many people think that by doing extra repetitions they’ll develop muscles at a faster rate. But that is just a myth. Do not overdo. Perform limited repetitions and don’t exert more if you want to increase muscle mass. The best way to build muscles faster is by doing less reps with heavy weights. This gives your muscles better pump.

Have plenty of rest

If you want to increase muscle mass, then you must take plenty of rest. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Let your body recover so it is ready for the next day’s workout.

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