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An Insight Into the Best Supplements Available for Indian Fitness

An Insight Into the Best Supplements Available for Indian Fitness


Indian supplements : There’s always a dilemma going on in every fitness lover’s mind, or anyone getting into fitness: about the many supplements available in the market and which you should take. However, most people don’t really know what each supplement does. With the popularity supplements have gained over social media, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and carried away. Before deciding to buy a supplement, it is absolutely essential to know what each one is. Here are the most popular supplements today:


1.Protein Powder:

This is undeniably the most popular supplement. This is what it says it is: a powder VERY high in protein content.

Protein assists muscle recovery after a workout,

and you should take this supplement if your workouts are rigorous.

Protein powders can be of various types: casein, whey, isolate, soy, etc.

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a. Whey protein:

It is the most pocket friendly. It can be used as a pre and post workout shake. It is not meant to be taken at night because it is not a time release protein, meaning the protein delivery is instant and does not have a time delay like casein.

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b. Casein:

This takes long to digest as it takes 5-7 hours to break down. People also use casein during the day to help stay full and to keep a constant supply of protein in your body to supply the muscles with proper nutrition for hours after drinking the shake. The best protein to have before you hit the bed at night.

c. Whey isolate:

These are one of the quickest absorbing proteins and on the more expensive side. These are very low in carb content and hence good for people trying to lose weight.

d. Soy protein:

This is a totally vegetarian source of protein (not that the others always aren’t, the ingredients differ depending on the brand). 


Branched Chain amino acids. BCAA’s are generally mixed with water and taken during a workout. These are also high in protein and help energize the body and reduce the fatigued feeling during a workout.


3.Pre-Workout Shakes:

It claims to energize your body before a workout so that you can give your 100%. It contains substances like caffeine, creatine, BCAA’s and Vitamin B.These ingredients work together to increase energy, stamina, aid muscle growth and burn body fat. You can take this if your workouts are rigorous or if you need the extra energy!

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Available in tablet or powder form, these help reach your daily vitamin requirements if your food alone can’t.

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Taking supplements isn’t a necessity, you will see results if you workout properly and have a balanced diet. However, it does help speed up the process a tad bit.  Supplements are SUPPLEMENTARY to your diet, if your diet is bad, you can’t expect a protein shake to solve the problem.

Taking just supplements and not working out will also get you know where, they are there to supplement your hard work. So give it your best shot, and you’ll be fine, with or without supplements

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