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Best Indian Websites To Buy Supplements

Best Indian Websites To Buy Supplements

Best Indian Websites To Buy Supplements

Since online shopping is the most convenient and cheapest way to get anything, from basic utilities, groceries to even medicines, buying supplements from these virtual mega stores is a really great idea. You can get anything by just clicking one button on your computer or mobile screens. Therefore, it is really easy to get hold of any supplement of your choice online, hassle free. Since the online shopping business is booming, competition is really high and the websites try their best to offer good quality products under a reasonable price. Also, the prices are often lower than what you would get otherwise from your local dealer. Before buying supplements online, you need to choose the best website to pick your product.

To help you out, 

Here is a list of the top 5 online supplement stores in India:

1. Amazon: Amazon is the premier international online market that has expanded its roots exponentially in our country. Amazon has plenty of registered vendors reeled in and the delivery rate is really quick. Also, the products are highly authenticated and you can always return it within a week if you are unsatisfied with the product. Rarely there is a case when you find a product 

2. Healthkart: Healthkart is an online platform which is dedicated to solely selling health supplements. It has gained huge popularity within the Indian fitness community; people often sight it as being their first choice when buying a supplement. The packaging of the content is really commendable and often the product is shipped and delivered within a couple of days. Customer service is highly responsive and product replacement is easy.

3. iherb: iherb has made his presence felt in the online supplement market back from when it started 16 years ago. Initially they only sold natural products, slowly branching out into supplements. They have a very good selection of products, it’s easy to find what you want and the prices are reasonable too. Payment and shipping works fine, almost at par with other major online stores. Customer service of iherb is highly efficient and fixes minor quibbles and queries in a jiffy.

4. Muscleblaze: Muscleblaze is India’s premier supplement company. They have a special section to authenticate their product and validate it. Muscleblaze offers a large range of indigenously developed supplement range and quick delivery. Although the company is still new compared to the many international brands that have been around since a very long time, we still don’t feel there is any Indian supplement company that offers such a wide range of products and reasonably priced as Muscleblaze.

5. Medisyskart: Also like Muscleblaze, this supplement store offers a good range of supplements. Product authenticity is highly verifiable and delivery rate is also okay. Though this website is a little obscure, it is the best online portal to buy Medisys products ranging from protein powders to weight gainers.

So, that’s the low down on the best websites from which you may buy a supplement. We highly recommend, Amazon and healthkart due to the high rates of availability, wide range of products and comparatively lower prices. Read the reviews given by users who have purchased the supplements and also check the terms and conditions of the website.


  1. Please post a review of Pigi Wholesale app, it is rather new online supplement store and prices it offer are very low, it makes me doubt it’s authenticity.

  2. nutriara.in sell supplements at very lower prices which most of the websites sell at higher prices with cashback & sales to fool their customers

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