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ESN Athlete & India’s Top Female Fitness Influencer Shweta Sakharkar Interviews with Fitsaurus

ESN Athlete & India’s Top Female Fitness Influencer Shweta Sakharkar Interviews with Fitsaurus

Name: Shweta Sanjay Sakharkar
Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Weight: 58 kgs
Residence: Mumbai
Fitness Achievement: First female athlete with ESN (Evolution Sports Nutrition)


What made you take up fitness seriously / what brought you into bodybuilding?
My mom has been training people for almost more than a decade now, so ultimately she is the one who has been my major influence.

What keeps you motivated?
My mother and my constant strive to be a better person every day.

What are the hurdles you faced on course to achieving your fitness goals?
Not really since my parents have always been supportive to me irrespective of what I wanted to do in life. At first when this started in India, people were lagging way too behind in terms of acceptance, but now its decent enough .

Who are your role models / Whom do you look up to?
My parents are my biggest role models.
Bikini competitor – India Paulino
Physique – Nicole Wilkins
Fitness Physique – Oksana Grishina
Womens physique – dana Linn bailey
And my first ever and my forever role model – Bani J

What is your current workout program?
I like changing plans, and it changes as per what my goal is .

What diet did you follow while training?
I follow proper diet with a good amount of protein, carbs, good fat and fibre .

What is your favorite workout and your favorite body part to exercise?
I love training delts and legs

What is your cheat meal?

What supplements have you used and which ones do you find the best?
I’ve been only using ESN (Evolution Sports Nutrition) ESN Lean Whey is been my absolute favorite along with BCAA plus and Glutamine.

What are your favorite workout songs?
I am a major Trap listener. No Favorite as such but I prefer listening to trap genre when I am training.

What have been your accomplishments so far (if applicable {for fitness celebrities/athletes})
Jerai fitness goa state tour – 6th place
Was an influencer with NIKE NTC
1st female athlete with ESN ( Evolution Sports Nutrition)

What are your long term plans in terms of fitness / career in fitness (whichever applicable?)
Wouldn’t be able to give you a clear picture of what my plans are as of now, but in time it will be known.

What are some diet and workout tips you would like to give our readers?
Eat clean, Drink plenty of water on daily basis, Avoid Junk as much as possible and keep your body active in some form of activity .

What is one fitness advice you would like to give every beginner?
Don’t be scared to start, eventually one day that will be your warm-up. Major advice? Don’t train your EGO at the gym. Go slow, this sport needs patience and dedication.

Are you offering training/nutrition programs?
Interested people can drop in a mail at shweta21591@gmail.com
Facebook: Shweta  S Sakharkar
Instagram: shweta21591
YouTube: Shweta S Sakharkar

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