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Fitness Story: 26 Year Old Delhite on Why He Quit His Monotonous Job to Become a Full Time Fitness Trainer


Name: Henry Yates
Age: 26 yrs
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 78 kgs
Residence: New Delhi

What made you take up fitness seriously?
My transformations – I met with an accident and had an arm injury. I still have a titanium plate fixed in my arm, people said you cannot workout now but I have proved them wrong. I was 99 kgs that time and then dropped to 77 kgs, since then I got pretty serious about fitness and decided to make my passion as  my profession. The will to keep going and not giving up is what helped me always. The sports science – Our body is beautiful we can change it the way we want to. 

What keeps you motivated?
Hunger for more, positivity, never give up attitude always keeps me motivated. 

What are the hurdles you faced on course to achieving your fitness goals?
My odd office shift timings affected a lot. My shift used to get changed every month and at times I was in night shifts and at times I was in early morning so there was no gym that remained open at that time as a result of which I had to workout in a park.

Who are your role models / whom do you look up to?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy’s a legend – My friend gave me his posture when i was in class 9. I got inspired from it. And my current role model is my teacher Dr Amit malakar . 

What is your current workout program / what was your workout program while training for your fitness goal?
I never follow only one program for long term, i keep changing my programs as per my goal.

Currently my workout plan is:
I workout twice a day.
Morning cardio /functional training and abdominals.
Evening – weight training.

What diet did you follow while training?
I always tracked my calories intake. I was on fat loss goal so I customized my meal plan according to it. I did a caloric deficit plan. After waking up I drink one glass of water.

I consume 7 meals:

1 -pre workout oats
2 post workout meal – eggs ( omlette / sunny side up / bhurji ) only in olive oil so i can get some good fat too with protein
3 – fruits, salad, nuts
4 – lunch – brown rice with chicken
5 – pre workout – oats ( best complex carb )
6 post workout – eggs / fish / chicken plus protein shake
7 – dinner – eggs plus salad ( broccoli, lettuce, bell pepper, avacado

What is your favourite workout and your favourite body part to exercise?
Arms and my favourite workout is preacher curl .

What is your cheat meal?
I don’t have a fixed cheat meal, for me cheat meal is something that i crave for like at times I like biryani , at times pizza at times burgers . 

What supplements have you used and which ones do you find the best?
Whey protein

What are your favourite workout songs?
I am the beast
Eye of the tiger
Bhaag milkha
Till i colapse
Rise up

What have been your accomplishments so far?
I have earned a lot of respect and have inspired a lot of people to work out. I have motivated people to do something that they always thought is impossible. Now I am a certified fitness trainer and i am preparing for my upcoming contests.

What are your long term plans in terms of fitness / career in fitness (whichever applicable?)
I have a dream to educate people about fitness industry i would like to be an educator. I would like to open my own gym where I will not only train people but also will teach them the very basics which a lot of fitness trainers do not.

What are some diet and workout tips you would like to give our readers?
Keep your calories and nutrition on track and workout
Don’t eat deep fried food
Drink a lot of water
Stay positive
Don’t rush 

What is one fitness advice you would like to give every beginner?
Have some patience, keep it step by step,
Progress, don’t try to take any shortcut because there is no shortcut. Fitness is not you achieve and forget it’s something that you have to take care of forever.

Are you offering training/nutrition programs?
Yes i do provide nutrition and training programs
Please feel free to call me or whatsapp me on – 9716360124
Or you can contact me on:
Email id: yates.henry3@gmail.com

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