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Fitness Story: A Weight Loss Journey that is Fuelled By Passion For Fitness

Fitness Story: A Weight Loss Journey that is Fuelled By Passion For Fitness

Name: Bhavneet Kaur
Age: 28
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 60 kgs
Residence: Chandigarh
Fitness Achievement: Lost More Than 25 Kgs

What Made You Take Up Fitness Seriously?

Obesity And I Always Feared My Family History Of Diabetes. 

What Keeps You Motivated?
I Always Buy Dresses One Size Down. So, That I Work Hard To Fit In Them. 

What Are The Hurdles You Faced On Course To Achieving Your Fitness Goals?
Actually none. The Initial One Week Was Embarrassing And Tiring For Me But I Started Loving Working Out. It’s Been More Than Four Years And I Never Looked Back. I’m So Committed To My Gym Routine. 

Who Are Your Role Models?
Sapna Vyas and Anllela Sagra. 

What Is Your Current Workout Program?
Unlike Many Girls, I Have Never Been A Fan Of Cardio. I love Weight Lifting. I’m An Iron Girl. I Keep On Changing My Workout Schedule, Currently It’s One Muscle Group Per Day With An Abs Exercise At The End. 


What Diet Did You Follow While Training?
I’ve Been Following Numerous Diets But Lcd (Low Carb Diet) Is The One I Did The Most. I Usually Had 5-6 Small Meals With Egg Whites  Chicken Breast, Brown Rice And Lots Of Salad. 

What Is Your Favourite Workout And Your Favourite Body Part To Exercise?
My Favourite Has Always Been Legs Day. It’s Such A Long Day As You’ve To Train Your Quadriceps , Hamstrings, Calves And Glutes. I Get Maximum Compliments For My Legs. My Second Best Will Be Back Definitely. 

What Is Your Cheat Meal?
Chicken Biryani And Chocolate Pastries

What Supplements Have You Used And Which Ones Do You Find The Best?
Whey Protein. I’ve Tried Many Brands But For Me ‘Optimum Nutrition’ Is The Best. 

What Are Your Favourite Workout Songs?
I’m A Desi When It Comes To Music. So, Punjabi Songs Anytime. 

What Are Your Long Term Plans In Terms Of Fitness/Career In Fitness?
I Realised My Passion Bit Late But There’s No Age To Learn. I Want To Study Nutrition In The Upcoming Future. 

What Are Some Diet And Workout Tips You Would Like To Give Our Readers?
Eat Healthy And In Smaller Portions. Don’t Starve Yourself. Someone Once Told Me “Either Eat Good Or Look Good.” i’ve Been Following It Since Then. If You Don’t Have Proper Guidance Regarding Workout, youtube Videos Are Really Helpful In That Case. I Train Alone And I Usually Follow youtube Videos When I Need Help. 

What Is One Fitness Advice You Would Like To Give Every Beginner?
No Matter What Shape You Currently Are In Or If Others Are Making Fun Of You. Don’t Quit! Keep Pushing Yourself. One Day These People Are Going To Be Your Admirers, Believe Me.  One Special Advice For The Girls Out There: Weights Don’t Make You Look Bulky; They Tone Your Body Instead. So, Squat, Bench And Deadlift Till You Get The Body You Desire. 


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