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Fitness Story: Shwetha’s Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

Name: Shwetha Shinde
Current Weight: 65 kgs
Previous Weight:
86 kgs
153 cm

My father was from an army background. He wanted me to always stay fit and at least engage myself in some kind of sports activities. During my B.Com, I lost my father in an accident on his official trip. I was very much depressed in that phase and gained a lot weight. My father wanted me to have good education, so I scored very well during B.com final year and then completed my MBA and topped in semesters. Though I was getting success in my educational life but was always depressed as I was missing my father all the time, which ended up gaining more weight. Stress is one of the major factors that can lead to weight gain.

I was on the heavier side during after my wedding, worked for good company faced shifts was just running behind making my career. Finally I left the job during my pregnancy because all my family members wanted me to take rest as my thyroid level was very high in that phase too. I was forced to go for a morning walk and was in the midst of many myths, had loads of sugary energy drinks. (Hell now I know how harmful they are)Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and ConsistencyI belong to a middle class family and always had good support from my family members especially from my husband. I had a C-section delivery and this followed by a long recovery which also had many health issues too. So after 2 years and post pregnancy I was weighing 86 kgs.

Turning point: I started following SQUATS, a group on Facebook when I was 83 kgs last year in Feb 2017 and I was added by my own elder brother in SQUATS group through a chain system and this is my TURNING POINT for which I will be thankful to him forever. I took it very seriously and discussed with my husband but I was directionless at that time.

Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

Hurdles faced: My personal experience last year was of having to face many people who have body shamed me, who have pointed on my physical appearance who called me by many names in (Marathi) like Buffalo, cow, sumo, also insulted me many times and I am proud of myself I never replied to them. Those people are still in my surrounding and I ignore them. People spoke to me badly for buying or eating eggs, chicken during sankashti, chaturthi, jayanti.. (I dint stop myself and I always followed my structured diet). Many people even insulted me by asking if I don’t pray to God. How can you pray to God and have chicken daily do you ever do pooja? It is shameful etc.

Driving force: At the time, I didn’t realize how much of a challenge I was setting myself up for. I am medium framed, short, suffered with HYPOTHYROIDISM, and have weak joints. I had never seen myself as physically strong or capable. But my husband played a vital role and he supported me ALWAYS. He read about fitness, l learned about calories intake, he kept himself reading for 3 months and till May 2017 he gained little good knowledge of calories, macro, micronutrients, helped me and taught me to value my muscles, taught me to respect my body and  to look for the things my body does well, and to appreciate it for the things that I am doing.

Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

So we started our weight (fat) loss journey from July, with structured diet and regular Exercise in gym. I am the only female from our whole family going to gym. Day by day my confidence was boosted and it allowed me to push myself. With this decision, I achieved incredible inch loss and my thyroid cured fully and need not take any medicine.
In this journey, SQUATS played vital role. I’m really thankful to my mentor and all other mentors who keep guiding and keep motivating me. I am a big fan of SQUATS and they are my driving force in this journey. Especially Jitendra Chouksey is my role model and I am thankful to him for this great platform which changed my lifestyle.

Workout & Diet: I follow high intensity volume training and believe in lifting weight and now I am a proud Mom who lifts heavy. I followed and experimented on many diets and kept shifting also. I followed my diet under mentor’s guidance.
Supplements used: I had used whey protein powder. I take proper vitamins, calcium and folic tablets too.

Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

Actually now I know to live in the society with confidence, we need to stay fit first so I am transforming myself every single day to get better. My dream is to have a flat tummy and abs. I will continue this journey forever & I believe in myself that I can do it.
My Achievements in this Transformation: My confidence went up so high I walk so proudly in my gym just few months back I use to shy a lot. People who criticized me now they ask me about my diet charts and workout. I have received a lot of respect from family, relatives, my neighbours, my society members, gym friends etc.

Fitness Story: Shwetha's Transformation is an Example of Persistence and Consistency

Inspire your tribe: One message from me to fellow fitness enthusiast: Once when you start never ever turn back just keep pushing yourself no matter how much pain, obstacles, difficulties we face. Trust me you will be thankful to your soul. Excuses will make you unhappy so guys wish for the best and I wish who ever reading this please start with one step at a time to stay fit. Your budget, family, time, sleep, obstacles shouldn’t be the excuses anymore. Keep working. Keep pushing your limits. Inspire your family to have a healthy lifestyle too. Let the fitness journey continue forever. We are humans and we all get one chance to prove ourselves and don’t miss this opportunity.

Thanks note: I would like to thank the founder of Fitsaurus and the team from the bottom of my heart for covering this. You guys are doing an amazing job and we need this kind of appreciation and encouragement to create a nation that is fit and healthy. All the best.

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