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Fitness Story: Took Up Fitness As A Hobby But Today This 23 Year Old Is An Inspiration To Many

Fitness Story: Took Up Fitness As A Hobby But Today This 23 Year Old Is An Inspiration To Many

Name: Ishwari Patil
Age: 23
Height: 163cm
Weight: 56kg
Residence: Malad, Mumbai


What made you take up fitness seriously / what brought you into bodybuilding?
I started my fitness journey to lose the extra kilos and to keep myself motivated, I explored several types of workouts such as zumba, yoga, calisthenics and weight training. This further inspired me to take up weight training and yoga as I was able to relate myself most to it. To find yourself in the journey of life is to achieve enlightenment. With these disciplines, I found myself. Fitness then became that source of enlightenment.

What keeps you motivated?
Initially I took up fitness as a hobby and then the efforts that I put in and the results that I received motivated me.  It was not very soon that I realized that fitness was not just a hobby but a platform for me to impact the world. This drive further motivated me to make fitness my life.

What are the hurdles you faced on course to achieving your fitness goals?
I am a big foodie and I have a huge sweet tooth at the same time I was a pure vegetarian. These were my major hurdles. To be able to drive my motivation and overcome these hurdles was my biggest challenge. Eventually I was able to conquer my challenges and set myself off to a path of atonement.

Who are your role models / Whom do you look up to?
I look upto Gurbani Judge (Bani J) for her disciplined and relentless mindset.  My role model who inspires me to have a good physique is Linn Lowes.

What is your current workout program / What was your workout program while training for your fitness goal?
My current workout program is lean bulking. Depending upon the various training regime, my programs changed accordingly. Initially I was on a simple bulk program and as the regime changed, I added cardio along with yoga. When I go on a cutting program, I add 5-6 cardio sessions per week.

What diet did you follow while training?
My diet changed according to my workout regime. When I was on a simple bulk program, I was on a calorie surplus diet, which included higher carbohydrates and protein and moderate fats. On my lean bulking program, I followed a carb cycling diet. This diet comprised of days where I ate high carbs on one day and moderate-low carbs the other day. When I go on a cutting diet, I consume moderate to low carbs and high protein.

What is your favourite workout and your favourite body part to exercise?
My  favorite workout is weight training and yoga. Back and glutes are my favorite body parts to exercise. My workout includes several exercises that target the back, focusing on my lats and rear delts, and glute exercises such as hip thrusts and stiff leg deadlifts.


Fitness Story: Took Up Fitness As A Hobby But Today This 23 Year Old Is An Inspiration To Many

What is your cheat meal?
My cheat meals include pizza or burger with a soft drink or strawberry milkshake followed by dessert. I love chocolates, cakes and ice cream.

What supplements have you used and which ones do you find the best?
I have used whey protein, casein, fish oil, multivitamins and bcaa. Each supplement is designed to support different areas of fitness, which are essential at different stages of training.

What are your favourite workout songs?

  • Skies don’t lie – Example
  • Bad & boujee – Migos
  • Starboy – the weekend
  • Panda – Desiigner
  • Do it myself – Russ.

What have been your accomplishments so far?
My most cherishable accomplishment is the mindset I built during my journey on fitness.

Fitness Story: Took Up Fitness As A Hobby But Today This 23 Year Old Is An Inspiration To Many

What are your long term plans in terms of fitness / career in fitness?
Fitness to me is not about winning competitions or securing sponsorships, its about influencing as many people as possible towards health and bringing a change in the society. Hence I am educating myself in the field of fitness so that I can consult people and help them on their fitness journey. In the next 5 years I want to work with major brands which promote health and fitness and increase my outreach to 10 million.

What are some diet and workout tips you would like to give our readers?

  • No matter how busy you are, always make 15-20 minutes for a quick workout session.
  • Always warm up and stretch before and after your workout.
  • Always keep healthy snacks such as peanuts or dry fruits on the go.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day.
  • Eat foods high in fibre.


What is one fitness advice you would like to give every beginner?

Fitness Story: Took Up Fitness As A Hobby But Today This 23 Year Old Is An Inspiration To Many

Are you offering training/nutrition programs?
Yes, I do offer consultation programs but via offline channels. Very soon I will start consulting services via online channels. You can also reach me at:

Facebook: Ishwari Patil
Instagram: _ishwari_
Email id: getfitwithishwari@gmail.com

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