Home Stories Fitness Story: How Two Best Friends Trained Together and Achieved Brilliant Physiques

Fitness Story: How Two Best Friends Trained Together and Achieved Brilliant Physiques

Fitness Story: How Two Best Friends Trained Together and Achieved Brilliant Physiques

First of all let me appreciate the work you guys are doing through your website Fitsaurus and the Facebook pages. I really like the inspirational quotes, memes and fitness stories which are being shared by your pages.

So, here it goes: Me, Venu Rathore and my friend Rittik Paryani (the one on the right) are friends from the age of 14-15, and yes were skinny, way too skinny than you can think. Countless times we were referred to as the skinny brothers, pencil sticks and so on. We had our ways of dealing with the negativity around us. Of course we were young & let’s not forget weak too, so we took these things seriously. And here we are 6-7 years later Rittik running his father’s business and me running my start-up GoWofee.

Well the journey wasn’t easy, many people only see the results and what they don’t see is endless hours spent in the gym Working, Sweating, Screaming. When we meet our old friends back they start appreciating our bodies which feels good when we compare ourselves to way back.
Venu Rathore (male) 21, 5ft 8in, 71 kg
Rittik Paryani (male) 21, 5ft 8in, 70 kg

Me and Rittik started working out back in start of 2015, well we both hated to be skinny, also we both played football(professional level) and my father has been going to the gym since 28 years. I started following him, we were in different gyms but always connected. We both started with weight of 45 and 47 kgs. Often people ask us what we did in these 2 years? We just did one thing, we spent the last 2 years everyday 2-3 hours in the Gym.

Fitness Story: How Two Best Friends Trained Together and Achieved Brilliant PhysiquesRittik is a vegetarian while I am a non-vegetarian. Rittik took whey protein to gradually increase his body size for 2 years which he is still continuing to consume. It is never any specific brand, it can be of 1up, Muscle tech or Optimum Nutrition. He never got enough protein and carbohydrate from his vegetarian diet, so the powders helped him to gain up. As of me i never took protein i did it in a natural way because i have protein the entire day. I eat chicken 2 times a day, nearly 8 eggs, 3-4 bananas & 5 litre of water is for sure in one day, chapatis are important too. The breakfast should be heavy as dinner and lunch. Things we both eat and drink similarly are brown bread & rice, Amul slim trim milk, butter and ghee in very low amount and veggies. No cheat day.

We never asked anyone to help in our work out plan, diet planning and everything. We knew each person would have a different opinion and that would confuse us so we took the help of science and studied the human body thoroughly and talked to the man who has 28 years of body building experience; my father. With regular checkups of BMI & FFMI we shaped and constructed our bodies. We studied the best time for work out in gym and to conduct an experiment Rittik covered the evening and night time and me the morning time. The result was Work out in the morning for a few weeks, then try noon, then early evening. Yes the body is affected during time period. Remember this Bodybuilding is a complicated issue only if u make it.

Because of our diet plans we both have different workout programs. Rittik has focused more on weights &, I have mixed it all up. Every month I change my plan, sometimes its one body part a day and sometime its two body part a day. Sometimes I take 4 sets and increase weight by 5 pounds or 10 ten pounds & go maximum, other times I take more sets with increased repetitions (20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4) increasing the weight after the 6th set. Our rest day include only Sundays. Tempo plays a very essential part in body building. Winter has arrived and in body building language it is gaining time, that is why I have changed my workout again and started doing the German Volume Training to shred.

Fitness Story: How Two Best Friends Trained Together and Achieved Brilliant Physiques

People sometimes don’t need motivation to get out of their bed and start working out. Sometimes self-belief plays a big role, and when you see life through your eyes. Rittik always says he is his sole competitor and always wants to be better than the man in the mirror. In the end, we are our own role models.

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