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How Many Calories Are There in a Rajma Chawal & Does It Have Any Health Benefits?

How Many Calories Are There in a Rajma Chawal

How Many Calories Are There in a Rajma Chawal & Does It Have Any Health Benefits?

Kidney beans or Rajma is one of the many varieties of beans available in India and Rajma Chawal is amongst the most popular foods in India. Rajma appears similar to the kidneys in size, color and shape. It is part of a variety of traditional cuisines. Uncooked, raw or partially cooked kidney beans can harm the body, but well cooked Rajma offers lots of benefits. Kidney beans have high amounts of Vitamin B1 which helps in producing acetylcholine that in turn manages proper functioning of the brain. It gradually curbs the progress of neuro-degenerative ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Rajma boosts the energy by maintaining the iron level in the body. Kidney beans are fat-free and very low in calories.

Rajma offers several amazing health benefits. The beans are reddish brown with a mild taste. Rajma beans contains sufficient amount of calcium, folic acid, dietary fibres, carbohydrates and proteins which are necessary to carry out proper functioning of the body. Rajma beans are considered as very good sources of complex carbohydrates and fibre. Carbohydrates in kidney beans are known as starch and it is made up of amylopectin and amylase. Rajma beans have a high amount of amylase. Amylase takes longer to digest and hence Rajma beans are beneficial for diabetic people. Due to low glycemic index (GI), Rajma beans keeps body’s sugar content balanced.  Rajma helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. They are plant-based source of protein that contains protease inhibitors and lectin. When consumed with rice, Rajma replenishes protein in the body without adding the calories.

Calories in Rajma Chawal are as given below in the table




(1 cup)









Rajma Chawal 217 8 5 5 34



  1. How do we know size of your cup maybe it’s large or small so it is not useful if you know calories information are given per 100gm not on cup, plate, glass,spoon etc etc.

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