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Katrina Kaif’s New Workout Video Shows You How To Sit Without A Chair

Katrina Kaif's New Workout Video Shows You How To Sit Without A Chair Fitsaurus

Katrina Kaif’s New Workout Video will give you a precise idea on she manages to maintain her athletic physique and amazing fitness level. With her new movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, she is upping her fitness game by incorporating  Pilates and Bodyweight exercises in her regimen. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala regularly puts out informative posts on her instagram about how she goes about training her numerous celebrity clients. Recently, she posted this video of Katrina simulating sitting on a chair in the gym.


This movement is an excellent legs and core conditioner. 
If you can’t make it to the gym for some reason, you can do this exercise at your home.

Just keep your upper body straight and go down like you would in a squat with a buddy bracing your calves, so that they remain straight. Although this exercise sounds and looks real easy to perform, it isn’t. 
Give it a shot and you’ll know first hand.

Katrina had recently joined Instagram. Her fans along with many Bollywood personalities were glad to finally see her on the social media platform.

What is Pilates?

A fitness system that was incorporated by Joseph Pilates after whom the training regime is named, Pilates was primarily implemented during the First World War. This was done to improvise the rehabilitation of casualties. Injured soldiers were made to go through this program which would help them rebuild their health. The exercise mainly comprised of stretching and strengthening muscles in the body.

Pilates makes the body achieve near perfection in terms of balance and stability by concentration, centering and having precise control over your body. This helps in maintaining overall body alignment.

Strength, Flexibility and development of lean muscle mass are the highlights of Pilates. Making use of your body weight is the best way to workout which helps in achieving great physical strength and stability. Pilates 




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