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Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail To Do These Things

Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail to do these Things

Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail to do these Things

There are few topics in the World that fall into that “should we speak about it or not”, and weight loss is still one of them. It doesn’t matter which part of the World you belong to, weight loss is a topic one would like to budge past. The ordeal of getting taunted and bullied by the supposed “beautiful” peers’ day in day out is unimaginable. Despite, progressing in everything, why is body shaming still an issue Worldwide? The reason is that we have failed to define the line between healthy and unhealthy. It is okay to be plump it is okay to be skinny, and it is okay to be whatever body shape you are in as long as it doesn’t trouble you medically. We should try and get rid of obesity and stay healthy to live a risk-free life.

Getting out of the life lessons, let us focus on the necessity to lose that extra fat and obesity that is decaying your body and your life day by day. It is important to remember that weight loss shouldn’t be directed to lose as much weight as you can. Everyone has their own BMI, and your body should be anywhere near that mark, and if that means you only need to lose 5-7 kgs then be it. Get near your BMI and maintain it. Before you step into a Yoga class or a gym, make sure you are doing it for your health and yourself. This is when losing weight becomes a fun part and you start hitting the strides. There are certain hacks and tricks that you can apply if losing weight is becoming increasingly difficult. However, weight loss needs dedication and hacks and tricks won’t help you eventually. You need your mind to be ready and then you would be asking your body to correspond with it.

Do not set unrealistic goals and resolutions

The New Year resolutions of losing weight or the sudden bet with friends over losing 30 pounds in a month should be put an end to. Set goals that you can achieve and start slowly and then level it up gradually. Suppose, you planned on losing 15 pounds, but you end up losing 7-8 and this will crash all your hopes. Now, change it to 5 pounds in a month and when you lose 7-8 this starts acting as a major boost. At the end of the day it is your body and tinkering with it heavily would leave you in no-man’s land.

Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail to do these Things

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Take it slow

Losing weight isn’t a monumental task and all those videos of athletes going through immense workout regimes aren’t always necessary. When you have a deadline, such steadfast diets and workouts are necessary, but if you are new to the process then taking it slow is the best choice. When you workout for a longer period of time, your body starts to respond inch by inch. This gives you room to allow those little cheat days. Cheat days are necessary as those dull diets can become monotonous and suck the zeal out of you. The perk of taking it slow is that there is always little room to bend the rules.

Keep a happy stomach

Cheat days are fine, but do not eat foods that messes up with your digestive system and ends up weakening your gut. Avoid gas pains and gastritis as this kills your hunger and starves your body. Do not keep huge intervals in between meals. Keep on munching something or the other to avoid an empty stomach. Clear your bowel cycle as it plays a huge role in losing weight. Like any rhetoric biology book, balanced diet is the key to a happy stomach and no matter how much you despise it, there is no other alternative to this.

Keep yourself mobile

Working out has many side effects in daily life. You will tend to wear out if you have just pumped 140 pounds or pushed your limits during the leg press. You will feel fatigued and exhausted and end up hating your gym life more. The best way to overcome this is to pair your healthy eating habits with dynamic activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an employee, you can find some time out and go out on a brisk walk or a 2-mile jog just to keep your body muscles moving. Swimming or playing a game of football or basketball with your friends isn’t a bad idea as well. This doesn’t need to be regular at first, but this will soon find a space in your daily itinerary and keep your body muscles from being dormant. You can also register yourself in Kickboxing or any kind of combat sport for fun, and this will gradually increase your agility and stamina while cutting out an extra 400 calories. The more you laze around, the worse it gets for your weight loss program.

Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail to do these Things

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Don’t go Flex Wheeler

There are few people in the World who could match the feat of someone like Flex Wheeler, and a safer strategy would be not to follow his regime if you are solely looking to lose weight. It is technically correct to pump your muscles and lift heavy, but you need to let your body acclimatize to it. Heavy lifting is a great source of losing weight but do not overdo it as it stretches the muscle beyond its powers and you will end up with a sore back or a sprained arm.

Your goal is to lose weight and the best way is to keep up the dynamism, so that you are not mentally exhausted. Lifting heavy for a week on a stretch can harm your body metabolism as it is continually pressurized into performing more than its capabilities. Keep 2-3 days hardcore lifting sessions and follow it up with Cardio or mild workouts alternatively.

Drink Water

While reading this you may be bored out as most of them are clichéd steps and you have read about it previously as well. It may be hard to break it to you, but there are little or no alternatives other than this. Drinking water systematically over the course of the day keeps you hydrated and helps you avoid the dry mouth phase where you huff and puff for a drop of liquid. Drinking water does not mean you would drink a pitcher in the morning and a glass for the rest of the day. Drinking water half an hour before a meal helps to control your desire to eat more and you end up staying full without hogging much. The best time to drink water is when you crave for something tasty and junky as it stifles your sinful cravings and keeps your weight loss programme intact. A cheat day in two-weeks or so is fine. Don’t overdo your radical dietary chart.

Many Say “I Want to Lose Weight” but Fail to do these Things

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Dispose junks and stack your house with healthy munchies

There is no need to explain why you need to avoid junks while losing weight, but even junks like dietary soda cans or a bottle of beer every weekday is a bad idea. Try and avoid beer and energy drinks as the latter does more harm than good when consumed on a regular basis. Instead of this try and stack your fridge with healthy munchies or snacks and you can juggle among the varieties available in the market as this will keep your taste buds happy. Go for a Broccoli Salad one day, or a plate of avocados the next day. You can fry the sprouts with little oil and healthy spices if you do not like to consume it normally. You will need to explore your options as these kind of foods does not only satiate your hunger, but give a massive source of protein without having huge meals.

No need to overdo your diet and drill a hole in your pocket

Healthy foods are costly, and this may not be true for all cases, but one cannot discard this argument. A weight loss program needs an individual to consume 100 grams of protein a day. Try and restrict your diet to a certain amount of money and explore the options within that limit. Stay on a diet that is sustainable and at the same time does not tinker with your monthly allocations. There is no need for ISO Proteins during the first stages, and even if you are asked to include it make sure you don’t exceed the 100-gram mark. Too much of protein can also result in fat gain if you do not exhaust your body so.

Weight loss programs when directed and channeled properly reap benefit within a few months. It needs a steady determination and rock-solid self-control. This may be repetitive, but do not lose weight because you are coerced into it. Look at your medical reports and then decide whether you should carry on normally or start losing excess fat. You don’t need to run up and down 25 flights of stair everyday just for the sake of it. Keep yourself healthy and fit. Contact Fitsaurus for personalized weight loss programs.

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