Home Training Weight Loss Why Are You Not Losing Body Fat Despite Your Best Efforts?

Why Are You Not Losing Body Fat Despite Your Best Efforts?

Why Are You Not Losing Body Fat Despite Your Best Efforts?

Why Are You Not Losing Body Fat Despite Your Best Efforts?

We spend our whole lives pondering over the question ‘How to lose weight?. Even after trying out every workout tip or diet hacks, one does not reach to a very simple conclusion i.e. sticking to your goal. At one moment, you are all enthusiastic to go all guns blazing the next day and take our diet and workout seriously, and the next moment you fall prey to a delicious plate of Biryani or a bowl full of Gulab Jamuns. There comes a time when you would hit the gym every day of the week and then the next week you feel too tired or too worked up to reach the gym doors. The question then arises of how to counter it, and what is the reason that you are not able to burn down the extra fat that you have been conjuring up. Let us break it down to 8 points and study the problem.

You cannot resist food

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It is one thing to satiate your hunger, and a different thing to satiate your cravings. We tend to overeat even after we have satisfied our hunger levels but cannot resist the good food served on our platter. This is where the basics go haywire, and all your training sessions go in vain. No one is asking you to stop eating your favourite junk foods, even I cannot resist the scrumptious Tandoori Chicken but try to stick to your diet as much as possible. You can always take the occasional cheat day, but make sure that does not end up being an everyday scenario. Many nutrition chocolate bars and junk foods have popped in recent years. Go for the Lasagna but try and lessen the amount of cheese involved in it.

You eat food, but consume minimal protein

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During workout do you tend to feel fatigued or simply tired without even training rigorously? This is because you tend to eat more carbs and fats rather than protein. Protein helps you lose weight rather quickly than carbs and fats without even pumping iron vigorously. Lunch and dinner should always contain at least 100 grams of protein to compensate for the calories lost during the day. It is essential to mark your calorie content as well. Protein also acts as a hunger killer and in turn cuts your excessive food intake. A high-protein diet can be obtained from supplements as well or you can always resort back to the conventional means.

Those occasional booze days and sweetened beverages

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It is tough to resist the thought of sipping in a bottle of aerated drink or packaged fruit juice after a lengthy session of workout, or sip in your morning tea with at least two tablespoons of sugar in it. The thought of rose lassi is irresistible at times, but when you are on a diet, stop. Sweetened milk and coffee can also hinder your fat-loss program and prolong exposure to soft drinks can lead to a good amount of fat storage.

The booze story sounds good occasionally, but the ‘Talli Party’ every weekend is what you need to avoid even when you are not under any fitness regime. Impairing your mind can lead to faulty decisions as well. Alcohol ends up settling as fats and it drives away your zeal of waking up next day in the morning and hit the ground running.

Too much of everything is not good

You might think consuming healthy food without any limits will do all good and no harm. You just need to understand the basic notion that you cannot overdo or overeat anything, even if it as a 300-gram protein consumption per day. You need to lose calories accordingly, and spending 3-4 hours at the gym isn’t a sign of your dedication but panic. Almonds and eggs are wholesome foods, but gulping in eggs after eggs will eventually resort you back to excessive calories diet.

Lack of training intensity

Some days, you end up spending 2 hours at the gym only to see an insignificant change in your physique after a month even after abiding by moderate dieting rules. This is because you tend to take too much in between exercises and end up spending little sweat and more time. Do not end up hitting the painful phase of plateau where you will end up giving up on your gym motivation accusing your trainer and diet, but, it is your wrongdoings that have led to such disastrous results.

Refrain from those Pre-Nazi excuses like ‘too much weight will make me bulky’ or ‘weights can damage my delicate tissues’. Gradually increase your weightlifting capacity and increase the reps even if you are taking on smaller weights.

Still devoid of HIIT and Cardio

The concept of HIIT seems to be some alien version amongst many gym members till date. HIIT refers to High Intensity Interval Training, and it is imperative to include HIIT at least 2 days a week in your training program if you are really into fat loss. Even the basic cardio sessions lack the enthusiasm and intensity. When you are opting for cardio you are inevitably signing up for some gruesome and tiring sessions. Take 15 seconds interval after every exercise, and keep it up for at least a good 15 minutes if you are into HIIT. Cardio sessions can be dragged for 30-40 minutes and it runs along a sequence of 5 minutes and the exercises tend to vary drastically.

The never-ending problem of stress

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Stress related to any aspect of our life can be damaging, and fitness and fat loss are no exception. You need to be relaxed and stop thinking about other Worldly woes when you hit the gym. Stay away from your mobile phone during your gym session and keep your personal and professional life away from it. Do not think of losing fat and the consequences if you cannot. Rome was not built in a day, and so would be your physique. You need to nurture yourself and your body to expect positive results out of it.

Less sleep more anxiety

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A tired and sleepy mind will never let you focus on your fat loss program. It can only hinder your progression. You need at least a good 7-8 hours a day sleep to keep yourself rejuvenated day in and day out. However, refrain from those afternoon naps as it tends to keep you awake at night, and store fats and carbs from lunch. Try and sleep early and stick to the routine as much as possible. The occasional party days are legit, and you can even take the next day off but an irregular sleeping pattern will do you all the harm in the World.

When you are entering into a fat loss program take it as a study course where you gain information about the course, the duration, and dedication required to finish it. Read and analyze the means of losing weight at a steady pace, and keep yourself updated on the recent studies showing faster and better fat loss programs. Fat loss program is an essential part of our generation today and you should not shy away from keeping yourself fit and running.

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