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Is It Safe To Have Fat Burners?

Is It Safe To Have Fat Burners?

In today’s world, everybody wants to have a fit and appealing physique.  There are many people who work out on a regular basis and still have fat on the tummy area and thighs. This is when they seek help from supplementation in the form of “Fat Burners”.  The primary role of fat burners is to increase the energy and stimulate metabolism. They also reduce hunger, thus, helping you to eat less. Visible results appear within the first two to three weeks. Fat burners are very popular among sports persons and athletes.

How fat burners work?

There is no doubt that fat burners work, and they work best if the person does regular exercise too. Although these burners work really well, you still need  to understand that taking them need not be a thorough necessity. Following a healthy diet and having a disciplined workout regime is the primary requirement to lose unwanted fats from the body. Fat burning supplements help a person in losing weight but they cannot compensate for the unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits. Different burners work differently. Some reduce hunger cravings. Some helps the body break down the fats more easily. The best ones burn the calories at a higher rate and boost the body energy levels. In other words, they help you to continue with a healthy diet without feeling hungry or weak.

Must Dos before trying a fat burner:

Do a thorough and extensive research on all the fat burners available in the market. Read customer reviews to understand the potency and possible results. Never buy a product just because it is marketed most extensively. The best products need not be advertised at all. The results will speak for itself.

Always purchase products from a trusted brand. Look for the ingredients and check if there are any banned substances in the list of ingredients. Check if the quality has been tested and is approved by the concerned health and drug counsel of your country.


Try to stay away from all the fat burners that contain amphetamines, ephedrine and bitter orange extracts. These ingredients are found to be the cause of many health problems. The user is likely to suffer from health problems like heart attack to kidney failure on using the wrong products. One should look for burners having natural ingredients like green tea, caffeine and DHA. However, one should also proportion of caffeine. Many products contain the equivalent of several cups of coffee in just one dose.

Fat Burners

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Side effects

Every fat burner may or may not have side effects. But these side effects differ from person to person on the basis of the immunity system of the person. However, some side effects are bound to exist if the dosage is not taken as prescribed. There are several side effects which are highly common. They are-


High blood pressure


Mood swings



Breathing difficulties

How to use fat burners

Many people increase the dose  almost immediately in pursuit of getting a brilliant physique quickly. Every person who uses a burner or plans to use one in future needs to understand that these supplements can prove to be really harmful to them if taken in high doses. One should start with a small dose and see how the body reacts. Then, the changes should be monitored and the person should increase the doses only if needed.

Note: Fat Burners MUST be discontinued after a period of time and is certainly not advisable to be used on a regular and long term basis.

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