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Using Fat as Fuel For Efficient Fat Loss

Using Fat as Fuel For Efficient Fat Loss

Using Fat as Fuel For Efficient Fat Loss

Carbohydrates are primary source of fuel for our body and body fat stores are backup energy source. To use fat as fuel or to burn fat, you have to deprive your body of energy and force your body to use the backup energy stores which in turn will result in fat loss. Depriving your body of energy can be done by creating a slight caloric deficit.

Let’s take an example of Alice. If Alice is maintaining her weight on 2000 calories, to lose her weight (body fat stores) she either needs to burn more calories than she is consuming or eat less. If she chose to consume 2000 calories and burn 2200 calories by increasing daily activity, her body still needs extra 200. Guess where the extra 200 calories come from? The answer is body fat stores. In this case her body is forced to use backup energy stores to fulfill her energy requirements.

Think about it, why is it called backup energy stores? If we already have enough energy why our body will use backup energy stores? This happens in our daily life, we have the luxury of food and we eat however much we want, whatever we want and never tap on to body fat stores due to abundance of calories that we consume. So, just create the right environment in your body and see the magic happen.

Make sure you consume at least 0.8g of protein per pound of bodyweight to maintain/build muscle mass while on caloric deficit. Adjust rest of the calories according to your preference.

Last but not the least make sure you add your favourite foods like ice cream, oreos, dark chocolates etc. within your macros. You should enjoy your journey of fat loss, not bear with it. There are some misconceptions that you cannot consume these foods in order to achieve your goal. But that isn’t true.


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