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Why You Are Finding It Difficult To Build Muscles ?

Why You Are Finding It Difficult To Build Muscles ?

Why you are finding it difficult to build muscles ?

Gaining muscle mass is an essential part of bodybuilding. But those who have achieved it know that it is not an easy task.The most common causes that do not help in building muscles are:

#Improper eating habits

Improper eating habits are the primary reason why people face difficulty in building muscle mass. If they are lean they eat a lot and if they are bulky they reduce their diet to bare minimum. What they don’t understand is that improper eating affects their performance. Going lean or eating too much to increase weight will only have negative impact.

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Eat adequately depending upon your workout. For instance, if you do advanced level training then consuming 30 grams of protein a day is necessary to improve your performance. You will have enough energy to enhance it. Similarly, you must consume other nutrients adequately. Eating less won’t help but eating enough will. Intake carbs, fat, protein and other nutrients in the right amount. Without proper food consumption you won’t be able to exercise and gain muscle mass.

#Over Exercising

Too much of everything is harmful. And this applies in exercising too. If you think doing more repetitions will increase your strength and build muscle mass then you are highly mistaken. This is one of the gravest mistakes bodybuilders make.

For instance, if you can easily lift 10 kg dumbbell and perform more than 15 repetitions then increase weight to 12 kgs.

Don’t do extra repetitions as it won’t have positive effect on your body.

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Over exercising is harmful and it reduces muscle mass. You should also refrain from doing excessive cardio as it causes muscle loss. Instead of doing regular sets perform supersets. Proper weight training will increase your strength and build muscle mass.

#Strength training

Smart workouts are better and more beneficial than hard workouts. Instead of doing regular exercises perform primary exercises like, chest press, shoulder press etc.

Do full body workouts that do not focus on a single muscle like, deadlifts, squats, push-ups etc.

Focus on progressive exercising. Instead of doing the same exercise 5-6 times, perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. Once you have reached 15 repetitions increase the weight.

Strength training involves testing yourself. Aim towards increasing the weight every month. Follow your schedule strictly and you will experience gain in muscle mass.

#Going lean

This is another problem why people don’t gain muscle mass. If you think you can add to your strength by going lean, then you are committing a blunder. Bodybuilders think that by losing weight their muscles will become more prominently visible. But that doesn’t always happen. Doing heavy workouts but not eating properly to go lean will lead to muscle loss and cause injuries as well. Gaining a little weight will improve your performance and increase muscle size.

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Build muscle mass by exercising smartly, eating properly and takE adequate rest.

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