Home Stories 20 Year Old Battles Dengue To Build A Formidable Physique

20 Year Old Battles Dengue To Build A Formidable Physique

20 Year Old Battles Dengue To Build A Formidable Physique

Name: Yungming Wong

Age: 20

Height: 5 ft 6 inches

Weight: 69kgs

Residence: Mumbai

Achievement: “Gained 12 kgs muscle mass in 3 months”

So, tell us about your fitness journey Ming?

My affinity towards fitness first started with Karate when I was in the 6th grade. Starting with a white belt and a great Sensei (Karate Master) to train with, I felt determined to learn this form of martial arts. The increasing level of intense training each day and the reaction of my body towards it (positive) made me feel good. I could experience the change in my body for the first time.

I was getting into great shape but without gaining any weight. I was complimented several times about the same and it made me feel awesome to be honest. The intense sessions continued and the Kumite (fight) sessions left me tired on weekends. However, it was the first step in my fitness journey and hence will always be close to my heart.

Unfortunately i had to drop out of Karate during the SSC exams but that didn’t stop my curiosity for bodybuilding. I started to read up on facts about body growth and building on the internet. I knew from Karate that fitness regime would also be equally good for health and soon, I was up for it.

After SSC I joined a gym & started with basic exercises, lifting weights for single muscle particularly and was soon interested to do more, lift more. Injuries and set backs were a part of the journey and I regret none. And since I was genetically lean, it was hard to build muscles.

What was the turning point?

During the first year of my college, I was hospitalized and was diagnosed with Dengue. I started losing weight but that wasn’t the main concern at the moment. It took me 3 weeks to recover from the same and was given several home remedies to gain my weight and health back. 

I started gym in a month from then and was eating clean. That was indeed a turning point for me in life. I was more determined and was fully aimed to get back to my physique. I trained every day and how.

How did you motivate yourself?

I began watching Arnold Schwarzenegger videos who till date is my greatest idol and sub-consciously created a fitness funda in my mind-

Eat Clean, Lift Heavy.

And here I am, working on hard and achieving the best of what I want.

My message to all would be that remember 3 things-




you cannot miss any.

Never compromise nutrition for anything, it is essential to your overall health and life cycle.

What was your diet like?

My diet consists of high calorie foods.

This helped in weight gain. Paneer, Dry fruits, Soya beans, Slimmed Milk, Vegetable stuffed paratha, Egg whites & Bananas, etc.

Boiled eggs, soya chunks and milk for protein and rest for fats. I was told to take supplements but I mostly kept to natural.

My aim was to bulk up so I used fast-twitch fiber training (6-8 reps in each exercise) and other combination exercises because training continuously of the same exercise would make my body reach a stage of plateau (no effect). The most beneficial workout plan that worked wonders for me was the 5X5 program.

Any advice or tips to fellow fitness lovers?

I would say that I am not a bodybuilder nor a fitness trainer but I love to motivate my fellow fitness followers for a Fit India.

You always get a boost in self confidence when people compliment you. That is when you feel that your hard work IS PAYING OFF.

Also, Health is Wealth and in our lives, it has a literal meaning.

I really want to thank Fitsaurus for providing a platform to all fitness enthusiasts in India where they can share their fitness journey. This helps in learning and inspiring many who wish to achieve their fitness goals.

When you interact and learn from people who are on the same path that you are, it is very helpful.



  1. Now this is superb.
    Good job @Yungming. You’re inspiring people to achieve their goals. Would be glad to see you post your workout as well?

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