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How A Bad Workout Routine Can Affect Your Fitness Goals?


How a bad workout routine can affect your fitness goals in your daily life ?

We all join gyms with great enthusiasm but most of the times, it fades away within a month or so because our body does not show results which we wish to see. We wish to have bodies like fitness models and top athletes but don’t want to put in the same amount of effort.

If you want to build a mind-blowing physique avoid these 3 workout mistakes that can negatively affect your fitness goal.

#1 Not keeping up with routine

The biggest problem of fitness seekers today is that they do not keep up with their routines their coaches or trainers have designed. For instance, if their trainers have recommended 10 minutes of cardio, they will exercise more. Similarly, if they are asked to do three sets of each exercise, they will do more. They think that by doing more repetitions their muscles will grow quickly. But too much exercise leads to muscle loss not growth.

How A Bad Workout Routine Can Affect Your Fitness Goals?

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For muscle growth you need to gain muscle mass which is not possible if you exercise more than what is needed. Stick to your workout schedule and if you feel you can easily lift a certain amount of weight, increase the weight instead of increasing the number of repetitions. Another thing to keep in mind is that the number of exercises for a particular muscle depends upon its size.

For bigger muscle groups like chest, back & legs 5 exercises are sufficient.

But same number of exercises must not be done for triceps as these muscles are small. For them 3 exercises are more than enough.

#2 Inadequate diet

Traditional bodybuilders believed in heavy diets as to them increasing strength meant gaining weight. But nowadays opposite theory is followed. People think that bodybuilding is synonymous to losing weight. They intake a diet that is not in proportion with the exercise they do. Eating is part of the muscle building routine and it must be done properly.

Inadequate eating will cause lethargy and affect your performance.

Consume all the necessary nutrients as per your trainer or nutritionist’s diet plan. Whatever carbs you’ll consume will get converted to muscle mass which is beneficial for your body. Eat less but more frequently. Rather than eating heavy meals take light ones but more frequently. Secondly, your protein intake must be enough to provide energy. Drink lots of water because protein deposition can affect your kidneys and muscles need water when you workout. This keeps them fuller. 

In simple words your diet should be such that whatever you eat gets digested and converted to energy and muscle mass.

So, eat for your muscles. Not for your craving.

#3 Not being consistent

Bodybuilding is a serious sport and must not be taken lightly. Set a fitness goal and work towards achieving it. Consistency is the key to getting a toned body. Stick to your schedule and keep increasing your power. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see any change because it takes time for body to grow. Understand this, you didn’t grow this big in a single day.

To develop muscles you’ll need to constantly work smart and keep improving.

How A Bad Workout Routine Can Affect Your Fitness Goals?

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Apart from these you must also :

have proper rest, doing optimum workout and maintaining proper posture while lifting weights will help develop a great physique.

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