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Free Weights vs Machines: Which is Better?

Free Weights vs Machines: Which is better?

Free Weights vs Machines: Which is Better?
You might have been confused about which is more progressive when it comes to fitness, Machines or Free Weights? Both have their respective positives in terms of effectiveness and the argument as to which is better, here is a detailed argument on the same.

Free Weights
You can improvise on free weights. Free weights actually are the best option when it comes to building up muscles. Muscle strengthening can be improvised by constructive free weight lifting.

When it comes to free weights, Iron weights are bread and butter for every weightlifter. When it comes to heavy weights, you can feel a bulk load of work out happening, unlike that in machines, where you need to put more attention and effort on lifting it.
The squat is a very good example of free weight. And also, puts an excellent example that why free weights take an upper hand. When doing a squat, not only the legs meet active movement, but your lower back as well.

Free Weights:


  • Self allowance for functional movements –Free weights impact more on daily life and give a fluent drift for daily activities, e.g. Athletics
  • You can do independent movements – You can move according to your wish and your ease of exercising.
  • Has a direct impact on muscle stabilization – Usage of free weights can activate extra synergistic muscles while exercising, which in turn keeps the joint healthy and operational
  • Additional push for more workout – One essential way to fetch a better outcome in a short span of time.
  • Way too much variation – You can use free weights for a thousand of more exercises, unlike machines.
  • Independent on the place of training – You can train yourself anywhere with them, unlike that of machines.
  • Way more Economic – You can go easy on your pocket and time, and go bam on free weights and get your desired body!!


  • It takes proper skill to learn the exercises – Someone who is learned about free weights is advised in case you don’t know much about free weights properly.
  • Incorrect exercises often results in injuries.

Who Should Use ??

  • Most people – Anyone with proper knowledge can depend on free weights with a definite program.
  • Athletes –Higher level competitiveness and injury free exercises remains the best option for fitness for athletes in a more progressive way, all you need is a proper blend of the two and BANG ON!!
  • Bodybuilders – Machine work is appreciated, but free weights (hands down) are the best way to achieve a body (even the bulk if needed).
  • Rehab – Is more impactful to get back to the fitness level post injury by using free weights.

Machines are great and can yield results, but as said, using a machine can lead to injury if not used properly. Since machines have one definite set of movement, there is a lesser risk of injury, largely due to the fact that machines force you to have perfect form.

Machines Are Easier to Learn! Good form is highly advised to evade any kind of physical strain. Machines are actually so much structured, it is almost impossible to get an exercise wrong!! This means, you’re acquiring “good form” automatically rather than working for it, which yields best results. A little extra lean on any side with a dumbbell, and you might not get your results.
In other words, doing a mistake while using a machine is almost impossible!! (NO CHEATING IS POSSIBLE ON A MACHINE!)


  • Easy to learn and use – most of them have an explanatory for the usage, which makes it easier to use!!
  • Muscle groups more efficiently isolated –Larger group of muscles can be targeted more efficiently as machines are compatible with all bodies mostly!! People with a better foundation can see best results!
  • Allow yourself to lift heavier weights– If you are inexperienced to free weights, machines can actually help in adding an extra load of work with almost no risk of injuries if properly guided by a spotter!
  • It can come handy for elderly populations and/or rehab – This too can be a sound choice for rehab, but is best for people with physical disability ore aged people, to be fit with less movement.


  • Non-functional – Well, honestly weight machines does make you big and strong, but it won’t construct your fitness and movement.
    They are not really part of the basics of muscle building, or even in daily activities, won’t make a difference in your fitness.
  • Neglects smaller stabilizing muscles since the larger group of muscles are targeted, the smaller group of muscular parts may be neglected. Which if continued for a long time, can cause chronic injury or improper posture
  • May cause injury directly and indirectly – Even if it’s safer to use with less skill and knowledge, extra weight can be added but a continuous poor form can cause drastic injuries!
  • Fill up during peak hours – In peak hours, nearly everyone keeps waiting to use a machine in a commercial gym, which is really a problem.
    Instead, go the vacant space and use free weights!!

Who Should Use Machines?

  • Beginner  Someone who is a newbie and doesn’t know how to properly utilize the free weights.
  • Bodybuilders – For pumping up muscles, go ahead for machines all the way.
    However, a combination of free weights and machines is highly recommended!
  • Rehab – In the absence of a trainer or therapist, a machine may be a better option to use for post rehab.

Free Weights vs. Machines: Final thoughts and Recommendations!!
For complete body development, free-weight exercises are advised, which emphasizes on body strength and complex movements. Although, a different routine for targeted muscle development can be achieved by using machines. Because all that matters in the end are goals and targets.

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