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Gym Etiquette Everyone Who Works Out Must Follow

Gym Etiquette Everyone Who Works Out Must Follow

Gym Etiquette everyone who works out must follow

Gym etiquette is something every gym goer must be well versed with. There are stereotypes in every gym across the world, such as the smelly guys, super-sweaty lads, sick coughing weaklings, the shout-at-every-rep guy, and whole other bunch of turn offs.

Let’s look at some quick tips on how to be a role model for people to follow at the gym.

1) Make sure you DO NOT STINK:

Always make sure to work on your body odour, use a deodorant to ensure that you smell good and people find it pleasant when they are around you at the gym.

 Note: Just don’t overdo the perfume or deodorant, please!

2) Appropriate Workout Apparel:

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I’ve seen people working out in skinny shorts and crocs.

That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Hence, it’s important to wear clothing that allows you great flexibility, mobility, comfort, sweat absorption (dri-fit) and is fashionable/trendy, because why the hell not? Invest in some good sports shoes, that are strong, reliable, have a good grip (most important), and preferably flat soles (or special customized shoes for people with flat foot or other foot problems), lifting shoes. Let’s just leave the jeans and crocs for your date, hey?

3) Always Carry A Towel:

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This goes without saying, you absolutely do not want to leave a sweat trail in the gym.

For you it might just be your sweat you are accustomed to but for others using the same bench or equipment, it’s just straight up bacteria-infested slime.

It can be a nightmare for someone with a hygiene OCD! So yeah, it never hurts to carry a soft, light towel with you.

Bottom line, wipe that sweat as soon as you’re done with the set.

4)Re-rack The Weights:

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The one thing that gets many professional gym goers most infuriated is not re-racking the weights! Being a trainer, I’ve had a lot of experience with this, and whenever my client does not re-rack the weight I’d make him do 5 burpees as a punishment!

Come on, if you’re strong enough to lift the weight, be man enough to re-rack it. Don’t expect the trainers to come and rack it for you, they’re here to train and guide you, not pick your weights for you.

5) Cellphone Gains:

Yeah man, click some selfies for your Instagram, I’ll just wait till you’re done and then go about my set.” – Said no person ever!


It’s rude and reduces your workout intensity as well. Let’s face it. You’re not saving lives with your text messages. Your tweets are not changing the world. All of it can wait for an hour while you focus on improving yourself mentally and physically. Give yourself a digital detox for at least that hour.


Fun Fact: Using your phone during your workout sessions reduces your gains by 10%.

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It  gets extremely uncomfortable for people and women in particular when they are stared at. If a woman wants to get to know you, she will say something. So just like a decent person, avoid staring at people unnecessarily.


7)Avoid offering advice unless asked for:

There are people who may have watched a bunch of fitness videos on Youtube and went about dumping advices on every goddamn person who is working out!

“Hey! You’re doing it all wrong, straighten up more”. “Hey, lower the weight, light weights, higher reps for cuts bro!” “Don’t squat that low, it’s bad for your knees.”

Nothing is more annoying that someone giving you unsolicited advice, I mean mind your business already!

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However, I’d make an exception when someone is performing an exercise such that it could result in a disaster or even life threatening (imagine ego lifting a bar and it falling right on your chest, not a good scenario) .

For example, politely let him/her know that you wouldn’t usually say anything but if he/she continues what he/she’s doing, they will hurt their back and disc injuries can be really nasty.

8) Avoid Grunting:

Grunting can be very natural and also helpful according to studies, while lifting extremely heavy weights i.e. mostly for pushing through the final reps of your last set.

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But, it’s not prudent enough on your part to scream on every rep unnecessarily.

You don’t want to be labelled as a frail sissy lifter, do you? It does not show your manliness in many manner.

If you implement all of the above, you should be good to go!

Ensure that you have all the gym bag essentials with you too, such as your water bottle, towels, and extra pair of clothes if needed, shoes, socks, multivitamins/post workout supplements (if any), and yes most importantly drop your ego outside the gym.

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Bring the passion and dedication inside to the make the most out of your session!

Happy Lifting!

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