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IBBF Mr. India 2017 Sumit Banerjee Speaks To Fitsaurus About His Achievements In Bodybuilding


IBBF Mr. India 2017 Sumit Banerjee
Weight: 82 Kg
Height: 6 ft
Achievement: Sr. Mr. India 2017 Men’s Physique Overall Champion
7th Place in Fit Factor 2016 in Fitness Model Category
Mr. Bengal Overall Champion 4 Times
KolkataShree Overall Champion
1st Ever Sponsored Athlete from Kolkata – West Bengal
1st Person to Introduce Men’s Physique & Fitness Model in Kolkata – West Bengal

Turning point

(what made you take up fitness on a serious note)

I used to be a full time IT guy having an experience of 15 years. I joined gym (at my office) in Jan 2011.

“There was a trainer who showed me a pic of a local bodybuilder and claimed that he was his student.

Then I asked him to make me like him so I can also participate in competitions.

The trainer directly said this to me

“You can’t do it, This is not everybody’s cup of tea.”

Then and there I decided to prove him wrong and I left the gym and joined some other gym and started doing my own prep. I did not have any trainer that time. So I started making my own workout schedule & started doing trial and error method. I’ve learned so many things from my own mistakes during my prep. Finally I started competing in bodybuilding competitions after that and over a period of time I gained confidence of competing with the best and started beating them and was able to get Kolkata Shree title and Mr.Bengal title for 4times.

What keeps you occupied nowadays?

3 years back I opened my own gym. It was my passion that led me to start my own gym. I had never thought that one day my passion will become my profession. When I felt that I have good potential in this field I quit my job (one year back) and started putting maximum time and efforts in my gym to prep/coach others to make them transform and make them stage ready also. Currently I’m associated with couple of renowned famous health clubs (private & govt both as their chief consultant). I provide online training also.

I also judge successful shows like BodyPower, Fit Factor regional tour, FitExpo etc. I am the first ever sponsored athlete from West Bengal.

I’m the first person to bring International athletes in West Bengal.

I’ve introduced the Model & Men’s Physique categories in West Bengal. It’s been more than 2years now I have
been coached by the most renowned & experienced, the transformation king Mr. Harry Sandhu Sir. Whatever I’ve achieved today is only because of him. Though I call him SIR but he is family, he is my everything. I trust him, I follow him blindly. He is like GOD to me.

Hurdles faced

I had some major health issues because in 2004 I had a minor Heart Attack. Apart from this I had fatty liver problem due to daily intake of outside junk food. I never had a coach during my initial days when I started bodybuilding. I learned by my mistakes. I used to watch bodybuilding competition videos to learn the posing techniques. I did not know anyone from this field because I came from a completely different background. So it was a challenging task for me to make friends, getting the right
information on right time etc.


Driving force (inspirational factors, role models)

My elder brother was my inspiration and he was my 1st trainer. My favourite bodybuilder is always Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Workout program

I don’t follow any specific plan. I change my routine as per my current body condition. But having
said that I follow the below mentioned routine.
Day 1:

Morning – Cardio for 1hr followed by Core.
Evening – Chest+Back: DB Incl Fly (30reps X 5sets), Machine Incl Bench Press (20reps X 3sets),
Machine Flat Bench Press (30reps X 5sets), DB Flat Fly (30reps X 4sets), DB Pullover (20reps X 4sets).
Chinups (20reps x 4sets), Latpull Down Front (30reps X 5sets), Latpull Down Back (30reps X 4sets),
DB Both Hand Row (35reps X 4sets), Smith Machine Shrugs (20reps X 5sets).
Day 2:

Morning – Cardio for 1hr followed by Core.

Evening – Biceps+Triceps: BB Curl (20reps X 4sets), DB Alt Incl Curl (20reps X 5sets), BB Preacher Curl
(20reps X 4sets), DB Hammer Curl (20reps X 3sets), DB Concentration Curl (15reps X 3sets).
Triceps Cable Push Down (20reps X 3sets), DB Overhead Extn (20reps X 3sets), V-Bar Push Down
(20reps X 3sets), Bench Dips (20reps X 4sets), Close Grip Push-ups (20reps X 4sets).
Day 3:

Morning – Cardio for 1hr followed by Core.
Evening – Shoulder+Legs: Machine Shoulder Press Front (20reps X 3sets), Machine Shoulder Press
Back (15reps X 3sets), DB Side Raise (40reps X 4sets), BB Upright (20reps X 4sets).
Smith Machine Squat (20reps X 3sets), Leg Press (40reps X 4sets), DB Walking Lunges (40reps X
5sets), Leg Curl (20reps X 3sets), Leg Extn (50reps X 3sets), Calf Raise (30reps X 3sets).
Note: Day 4 is rest day. Same routine will start again from day 5.

picture credit: sohail sam photography

Diet followed

I do follow a proper diet plan which my sir Mr. Harry Sandhu asked me to follow. I always combine my diet with carbs and protein along with supplements. Mainly I focus on having more protein compared to carbs. Throughout the year I follow a proper diet plan so that I don’t damage my physique by gaining fat rather than gaining proper lean muscle mass. During my off-season also I have more protein compared to carbs. And I do measure all my food before making every meal. I don’t follow typically boiled, without salt, without spices food. During my prep also I have chilli chicken, palang chicken etc but only home cooked.

Inspire your tribe

(advice to fellow fitness enthusiasts)


Start believing in yourself, always stay, think, and talk positive from day 1.

Do not ever listen or give attention to naysayers.

Conduct thorough research before hiring a coach as a proper guide is very crucial to success. If you want to compete, then always try to visualize yourself performing onstage
and try to picture yourself as a champion who’s proudly taking the trophy from the judges. Set a target, chalk out your path towards the goal, stick to your plan strictly without losing focus, be absolutely honest to yourself, push your limits, and always maintain a proper diet plan. Let no obstacle stop you from bringing out your best and always remember

“Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.”

You will definitely achieve your target.

Don’t trust the next person blindly.

Nowadays everybody has an opinion on everything! Just go back home, switch on your laptop and invest some quality time on research before just gulping down any
sort of supplements etc.

Every athlete should only focus on competition and on their prep.

Diet is the most vital factor to your goal.

Eat healthy food, avoid junk and roadside food. Try to hit the gym regularly without fail.

Train hard and persevere to grow and just stay focused.

Don’t give excuses. I’m sure if you convince yourself and believe that you can, then things would be much easier and you can actually achieve your target.

picture credit: ibbf


I would like to thank the Fitsaurus team for covering my story and also creating a platform for Indian Fitness. With Fitsaurus, I believe Indian Fitness now has a common meeting place.

All the best!

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