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How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet?

How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

How to lose weight without going on a diet?

Losing weight by following a strict diet is always boring and tiring. You will be skipping the most amazing meals and would always be looking at the plate stuffed with greens. Nobody loves to survive just eating salads.

You can eat what you like and still lose weight. Yeah!!. Here are some tips that would help you to lose weight without being on a diet!

Get hold of your favourite dress; it’s the way to go

The first step is to make yourself aware that you need to lose weight. Choose your skinny dress and figure out how beautifully you will fit into it if you are a bit thin? Amazing right? Yes, this is your goal. Set it right!

Eat at regular intervals

Make a habit of eating at regular intervals. Do not wait until a particular task is complete; do not wait that assignment is over. Eat at the right time, always!

eat frequently- How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

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Do not stuff your tummy

Try to eat till you feel full, not till you feel stuffed. Leave some space on your stomach for the digestive juices to do its job. Start by eating 80% of what you eat now. Reducing this 20% food will have a great impact on your weight loss.

How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

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Serve more and eat more vegetables

Losing weight never means to stay hungry. Whenever you are hungry, try to grab more veggies. This can be anything from carrot to cabbage. You can have them until you feel full. They will never add to the fat deposit of your body.

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Forget the bacon

Yes, Bacon is tasty and it’s irresistible. But avoiding a piece of bacon in a sandwich is saving you a lot of calories. Replace it with mushrooms or any other veggies.

Enjoy Cheesy pizzas with a difference

You love pizzas. Then why should you say No? Have them but in a different way. Always prefer vegetable pizzas with vegetable toppings. Avoiding non-veg toppings will literally help you to reduce calorie intake

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Meatless burgers are also fun

Yes, veg burgers are also tasty. Go for them when you long for a burger. The slight change in your choice will help you to take fewer calories which will reflect in your overall weight

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Eat right and lose weight

When you eat, try to include more proteins fewer carbs and very fewer fats. Eating by planning will make you thinner way fast than you imagine

Cook more, eat healthily

Try to cook at home. When you cook, you will be aware of the ingredients added to the dish. You can add more fibres and can add very fewer fats. Cooking will enhance your sense of consuming food in a good way

Eat slow, chew well

Take time to chew your food thoroughly. Eating slower will make you feel fuller and content. This will make the digestion easier and will make you feel that you have eaten enough


Yes, yoga will help you to lose weight. Meditation will give you the willpower to achieve the weight loss goal and will make you more flexible

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Sleep well and eat well

Sleep well. Late night cravings are one of the important reasons for tremendous weight gains. Sleep early and wake early to avoid unwanted calorie intakes.

How Important is Your Sleep

Gum sometimes works for good

Have minty gums in the wallet. Chew it when you get a craving feel. You can suddenly see that the craving reduces. Yes, it’s a tip to lose weight without stress

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Use long thin glasses for juices

Don’t get shocked! Long glasses will give you the impression that you are drinking a lot. Let it be sweetened drinks or coffee, consuming on long thin glasses will make you drink less

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A No to the drinking urges

Alcohol? You may be in love with it. But alcohol and weight loss never take the same path. Just avoid them and see the loss of weight in a week. It will be amazing!

Sugarless? Yes, grab it!

When you are offered sugarless alternatives, go for it. Each teaspoon of sugar avoided is some calories burned. Yes, it’s better to prevent intake than to burn it after consuming.

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Small plates are cute and more!

Have food on small cute plates. The fully filled small plates will make your mind believe that you are having a lot of food. Thus this will automatically help you to eat less.

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Sharing is not only happiness

Share your food. Whenever you get something to eat, share it with your peers. Sharing give you happiness, friends and moreover, you will be eating less!

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Red sauce? Fall in love with it

Rather than think white bulky sauces, go for the red ones. Comparatively, they contain fewer calories. If you are a sauce lover, replacing the white sauces with red will show off how much-unwanted calories were you taking in with white ones

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Soups are tasty and effective

A soup is quick filler. It makes you feel full and soothes the stomach. When you get a chance to choose among a sandwich and soups, grab the soup and feel full!

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Spare some cabinet space for Whole grains

Whole grains are good for the body. They contain fibres and they will strengthen the muscles. Skip the carbs and go for whole grains for weight loss.

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Green tea, the best choice

You might not like it at first, but trust me; green tea will taste good if you make it a habit. Along with the tender leafy taste, it reduces the weight by burning more calories in one go.

How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

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Games? Say yes!

Do not feel shy to go for a game. Games will improve your physical activity which is sure to burn hundreds of calories.

Celebrate your progress

If you follow the tips, you will be gradually losing the weight without hassles. Celebrate the loss of each pound.

How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

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It’s time to get into the skinny dress. Dig your cabinet and start over!

Stay healthy, Stay Happy!





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