Home Training Cures for Muscle Soreness That Will Help You Recover Faster

Cures for Muscle Soreness That Will Help You Recover Faster

Cures for Muscle Soreness That Will Help You Recover Faster

Cures for Muscle Soreness That Will Help You Recover Faster

The greatest or most satisfying feeling you get after a successful weight training session is the soreness you get in the target muscle groups the following day. It makes you feel as if you were able to accomplish something substantial with your training yesterday. It is the perfect indicator to the fact that you would surely reap the fruits of your labour by getting bigger and stronger gradually. But let’s say after a very brutal biceps and triceps session, you were planning to train your chest the following session. But, forget training, you can’t even bend your arms without cramping up in various places. Hence, your schedule gets completely disturbed and you have no option but to forfeit training that day or train with only half the energy you could gather usually.

Muscle soreness is a very encouraging sign but up to a certain extent. It may also be an indicating signal to the fact that you might be over training and it is time to back off a little from training. Hence it is really important to judge your muscle soreness and gauge an appropriate response to that. Here are a few tips you can use to handle muscle soreness, get out of your bed daily with a smile rather than an agonising pain and carrying out the rest of your day looking forward to your next session, rather than loathing it.

Don’t avoid other physical activities after weight training

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Many people shy away from doing anything physical after weight training in the hopes of uninterrupted muscle recovery, which is somewhat right. But to achieve better muscle endurance and hence a higher capacity to train, we would advise you to plan a small, extremely light exercise session that you can carry out after sometime to your main gym training. Getting light Bodyweight exercises, Abs or just Yoga would be fine. Anything that gets some blood pumping in the already fatigued muscle group would be sufficient for this purpose.

It’s up to you to choose the exercise. For example, if you had a really good chest session, you would want to follow that up with some push ups done after an hour or so. So, whenever you are picking any activity, check its relevance to the muscle you just trained. Also, if you are planning to add in some cardio, do it after your training and try to make it an intense session, one which leaves you gasping for air, like HIIT. This would help you to get a really deep and long sleep, which is really the most important thing for muscle recovery. Do cardio on alternate days of the week because you need to be sure that you are not overdoing anything.


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Stretching after a hardcore session is the only way to limber up and avoid getting cramps. It releases the muscle tension by spreading out the lactic acid. Hence it might not cure the muscle soreness completely as the lactic acid is still there, but it gives a great amount of relief and takes only about 10-15 minutes to complete. You can utilize any stretching position that you can think of. Try to hold each position for some seconds, release and then take up the next position for the same time. Switch between various positions for the given time.

Eating Right

You need to get your nutrition right for completely recovering from the muscle soreness to stay consistent with your training.In order to do that, you need to do these three things within an hour of weight training. Consume some carbohydrates. This could be anything from milk to Roti or bread. Take 5 grams of creatine (optional). Try to get in a protein shake. By making sure that the muscle is receiving proper nutrition, you speed up the recovery. A speedy recovery means less soreness. Less soreness entails hard training sessions carried out on a regular basis. Hence, Gains.


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Before working out you need something to jolt your muscles into action and get ready to deal with those heavy weights. You need your concentration and focusing ability to be on point because you just can’t risk your time or your health as a sensible human being just because of some temporary pain ie., muscle soreness and fatigue. That’s why people buy pre workouts. But we believe that buying those expensive supplements is somewhat money down the drain. And for a student or someone with unsteady income, that is A LOT of money to waste. That’s why I would like to advise you guys to use coffee mixed in with a little cola, any cola you can get your hands on. This is how it works:- From coffee and the cola you bring in a lot of caffeine into your system, which is one of the most effective and cheaply available nootropic there is. Secondly, the sugar in the cola should give a large boost to your energy levels, getting you into a mood to kill the weights.

Just make sure you follow these tips and make a proper regime. In order to get your dream body, you need to put in successive brutal training sessions, not just one per week. That’s why treating muscle soreness is a must and you just cannot avoid doing so.

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