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Worst Workout Mistakes Every Beginner Does at the Gym

Worst Workout Mistakes Every Beginner Does at the Gym

Worst workout mistakes every beginner does at the gym

As beginners, everyone is enthusiastic about joining gyms. The primary purpose of your workout is to increase endurance and build a muscular physique. You are dedicated to working hard but do not possess the necessary amount of knowledge that is required to take you all the way to your fitness goals. Bodybuilding is a science and you must have precise details to get the best results. As beginners we all make mistakes. Here are some of the worst mistakes which you can make as a beginner:

Not taking it slow

One of the worst mistakes that beginners make is that they strive for quick results. Based on fabricated information they feel that they can achieve a well toned body in a matter of months. But that is completely wrong. Human body takes time to adjust and develop. One must not rush to get results in haste as that can have contrary effects. Take one step at a time. Don’t unnecessarily push yourself. Lift weight that you can manage on your own and at least do 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. Take it slow and you’ll see the change.

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Copy your trainer

Another mistake beginners make is copying their trainers and doing what they do. Trainers, of course, have a muscular physique and seeing them lift heavy makes the newbies want to lift it too. But instead of copying your trainer listen to his advice. Your trainer has been working out for at least 5-10 years while you have just started. Have patience. Follow his advice and one day you too will have his type of physique and strength. Do not copy professional bodybuilders unless you know that your body can handle the strain you will put it through.

Their exercise schedule is very different and so is their diet and lifestyle.

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Eating less to get lean

Nutrition is important for your body and you must consume enough nutrients to heal your muscles after the breakdown they go through during rigorous exercising schedule. When you eat you build your muscles. They repair and get strong. But many beginners think eating less will get them a lean body and prominent muscles. Eating less is not a solution. Instead of losing weight, you must focus on building muscle mass which will be beneficial for your body.

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Overdoing your exercises

Beginners are exhilarated about exercising and hitting the gyms. They think that working out for an extra hour or two will help them get a muscular body soon. But overdoing does not have any favorable effects on your body. Not only does it slow down the progress but it also causes injuries. An adequate exercise regime doesn’t take more than an hour or an hour and a half at the most. Don’t try to do more than 3 sets of any exercise unless you are advised by a professional.

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Beginners must understand that even very small mistakes can lead to serious problems and can cause grave injuries.

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  1. I think the worst a beginner can do is not listening to their trainer. Unfortunate but true, I’ve seen several people asking for help from experts and but doing things they’ve read online. Digital data ain’t wrong (not always) but it ain’t physically present to build and save your ass from injuries, one of the biggest reasons trainers are hired at the gym… So, LISTEN and ACT carefully.

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