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Fitness Story: How the Pain of Rejection Helped a 20 Year Old Transform Himself Completely

Fitness Story: How the Pain of Rejection Helped a 20 Year Old Transform Himself Completely

Name – Aditya Singh Rajput
Age – 20
Weight – 67kgs
Height – 5’7

Before my transformation, I weighed 50 kgs, quite skinny. I am also a professional division level cricket player. With God’s grace, I have been good at my sports and academics as well but being only that doesn’t mean people will love you or respect you. Scoring marks and runs did bring me success but as every coin has two sides, the other side was the one that bothered me more. Along with success, it bought together insult and rejection on emotional issues and that’s where it all began. In today’s era of Virat kohli, people not only want players to score runs but also want attractive fitness and appearance. I was stronger from inside but being too skinny, I wasn’t preferred most of the time by the selector which created lack of opportunities. Even scoring good marks doesn’t mean you will be liked by all and people always normally judge based on how you look. Not looking so attractive caused me lose attention from my friends and my loved ones as well and as it is said,’ BREAK UP MAKES BODYBUILDERS’, I decided to transform myself and give up on excuses.

Its been about 2 years that I am lifting and I have came a long way. The starting was as always quite hard to cope up with but eventually it became a habit. When I first thought to transform myself, the off-season of cricket have just kicked in and I had nearly 6 months in my hand for the season to start again so I went to my nearby gym where I used to do my cricket related training which is totally different from transformation training. I talked to the trainer there and told him that I want to undergo a transformation to gain some muscle mass and at the same time I want to keep my agility. The Trainer agreed and the first lesson he gave me was on “EATING”, about the type of diet and calories I would need. I was on a calories surplus of about 2500 calories a day which include 1:3 ratio of protein:carbs. It wasn’t easy for me to reach the protein target so I started to take supplement. Whey Protein is the only supplement I use. My training program was designed as in weight training for 4 days and cardio for 1 day a week.

Fitness Story: How the Pain of Rejection Helped a 20 Year Old Transform Himself Completely
All these were not at all easy. Sometimes I lack in motivation but whenever I thought about the reason why I started, every excuse gets wiped off from my mind because I have suffered the pain of rejection, the pain of being made fun off and I knew that the pain of training was a lot better than that pain. Starting days of diet were so difficult that sometimes I vomited while in gym but slowly I coped up with the habit of eating. Now I have came a long way and this is not the end, I have gained muscles without losing agility which has made my cricket a lot more better and people who were making fun of me are today asking me for suggestions for their transformation. Rejections have always been one of the main reasons for my transformation but I am thankful to that someone who rejected me. Its because of that I have gone through such a change and now I am loving it.



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